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Hello Super fan, is this comp. With RPGMZ?

Fin-tastic artwork! Very "ancient"!

so pretty! I making stardew valley free mod.

I made it :

and working for mermaid ruin mod.

Thank you for great asset <3

can I use this and your other free assets in a commercial game? And can I edit them to fit my game better?


Where do I put each thing?  Which one is animations, which one is walls?


If you're using RPG Maker, the files are named so you can just follow the labels. "A2", "A5" etc. That should make it easy.


I noticed you have a bubble animation in there, called char_bubbles.  For RMMV, does we should put it in img/characters.  Tried getting them to animate as an event but not any real success.

Animate them to rotate in place, down left right up.

Thank you.  I will try that.


Ok here's how I did it.  A single event with two pages.  1st page I used the top left hand corner of the bubbles in the Image box.  2nd page I used the bubble 4 rows below in the Image box.  On 1st page, set a custom route with down, left, right, up, switch 0021 on.  On 2nd page, set a custom route with down, left, right, up switch 0021 off.  On 2nd page, set the condition to switch 0021.  Works like a charm.

Can i use for commercial purpose




can i use it for my game? 

Yes of course! Have fun




Absolutely spectacular!