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This game rules. PLAY IT!

Thanks for playing!


my chains are rattling in excitement!

Not that I am suggesting anything strange, and I don't know how people feel about this, but back in the day when I was but a wee lad, and copies of this engine circulated before EB was actually selling it to people in the USA, I remember an RTP fix that involved simply altering the registry file to indicate that the RTP was installed. I'm pretty sure that 2k3 actually supports this natively because there are hidden features in that engine such as plug ins (yes it supports plug ins and there is no documentation on this); all of that aside, a chain game is a really neat idea. I wanted to do this with a book to see how bad it would be :)


Really enjoyed this game dudes! Nice work, and I really like the twist ending.

chapter 3 seems to have some missing assets in the web browser version. there may be more after that point.

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Thanks! Typical RPGMaker RTP dependency problems; I'll revisit with an update to fix these sometime in the near future.