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Could you tell me the size of each sprite?

Will these get side battlers in the future? Definitely interested, especially for the elves. Either way just wanted to say I love your work and thank you.

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The king's robe in dwarf emote 2 bleeds into the viking dwarf to its left.  Can we get an update at some point?  This is for MV.


Any chance of getting 3 frame weapon swing sprites for these?

I'd also really love those weapon animations!

I can't tell from the images, but I am looking for Action RPG style sprites, these look more FF than SoM or LoZ.  Can you confirm that for me?  The main thing I would want are 4 dimensional attack animations.

Will this pack eventually have a add on for New SV Battlers?

What is the license agreement under this pack?

In essense: you can use it for pretty much anything (including editing it and commercial works) just don't re-sell it on its own.



dang dude all your stuff is amazing.