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Any chance these and other packs missing side view battlers will get them? Or faces like the main pack?

Comment for your Beach Tilest

So is it CC0?

P.S I am writing it here because you closed comments for that asset pack

It cannot be redistributed anywhere else but there are no limitations on how you use them, thanks!


Could you tell me the size of each sprite?

Will these get side battlers in the future? Definitely interested, especially for the elves. Either way just wanted to say I love your work and thank you.

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The king's robe in dwarf emote 2 bleeds into the viking dwarf to its left.  Can we get an update at some point?  This is for MV.


Any chance of getting 3 frame weapon swing sprites for these?

I'd also really love those weapon animations!

I can't tell from the images, but I am looking for Action RPG style sprites, these look more FF than SoM or LoZ.  Can you confirm that for me?  The main thing I would want are 4 dimensional attack animations.

Will this pack eventually have a add on for New SV Battlers?

What is the license agreement under this pack?


In essense: you can use it for pretty much anything (including editing it and commercial works) just don't re-sell it on its own.



dang dude all your stuff is amazing.