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Why it's unavailable? :(

It's a patron pack so there's no regular download, but if you sign up for patreon you get a special link with a download key.

Got it. Thank you.

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I bought all the fantasy arts. but I couldn't find this tree house. I don't want to be a patreon member. Any chance of selling it on Steam? I need a tree house for my game.

I can't put it on steam as DLC because it's a patron pack, but if you sign up for patreon to download it, it's OK if you don't want to stick around for future months so you can treat it like a one-time purchase. Thanks!

Thank you so much . I'm sorry but it's okay. If you release your new sets, please don't forget to sell them on steam. We want more dlc on steam :)

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You can sign up to patreon here:

Why isn't this available anymore?

It is available for patrons, patrons get a special download link.

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I highly recommend that you become a Patron if you can.  It really is money well-spent and you'd be supporting someone who actually earns every cent.   


I love this expansion set. Think we could get a repurposed cavern/mines set?