Major update! Dax skates in!

New Playable Character: Dax

  • His skateboard makes him more slippery to control than his sister, but he has high top speed and gets sick hangtime with his kickflip.
  • Dax is unlocked after Jubilee has discovered all of the shines in the game world.

(If you've already discovered all the shrines in a previous save, simply activate one of the shrine checkpoints and Dax will be unlocked. You won't see a pop-up notice, but he'll be available for new games).

Small Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a "focus pause"-related bug that could freeze up the game
  • Fixed a display bug that wouldn't update your HUD properly if you fast-traveled during the banking effect
  • Moved "Lionheart" (the hippie NPC with the bike) slightly to give the player some more jumping space
  • Darkened the "danger" signs again to prevent confusion that they might be platforms
  • Fixed a very tiny bug that set the cursor to the wrong line when cancelling out of deleting saved data
  • Fixed the arbitrary hook for the ending lightbeam, so external timers would match the in-game timer

This update shouldn't break anything with save files from previous versions... I think. :P

Please contact me if anything goes wrong, or as always-- if you find more bugs or anything else that needs to be fixed. Thanks for playing the game!

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Dec 12, 2021

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