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I wanted to use my own sprites for king and queen. I don't understand why it don't have a "blank" card.

Good idea! :thinking:

Hi there, is there a way to isolate the upright cards from reversed cards in Roll20? Love these, they are wonderful!

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Just had to buy these ones after getting the Time Fantasy assets. Love them!

Fantastic! love the style on these <3


Love these. Really small but even when you zoom on them they look good. Worth the money. Thanks.

Having trouble purchasing...I'm getting:

Failed to create PayPal transaction, please try again later.

But it won't open in PayPal.  Any way to fix or add credit card transactions?

I don't know about that. Nothing for me to do if it's a problem with Paypal. Maybe try again later.

Deleted 3 years ago

You can do pretty much anything except redistribute the assets directly. Here's the full license:



Thank you so much Jason! You have a very nice eye for art.