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I joined the Patreon. I downloaded the "warden" monster and it's animated so that it walks backwards. Also, I am not sure how to search for or find most of the monsters listed here.


I updated the Warden, thanks! As for the rest of this pack, you can get it from the patron download in the pinned FAQ post on patreon. Thanks!

License to use? videogame commercial?


Yes, they can be used in commercial projects. This is the same for all of my assets. Thanks.

you the man! 


hi, i bought time fantasy monter pack, but no character has attack animation, so i buy:

RPG Battlers Expansion Pack

Tyler Warren RPG Battlers - 8th 50 - More Time Fantasy Tribute

With the disgust that none of them have the attack animations, I would like to know if those animations existed and where I could get them.

The SV Battlers pack has attack animations for a side-view classic RPG systems. 

If you are talking about 4 directions, these sprites weren't designed with full action combat in mind. But I have plans for the next set to have those attacks, stay tuned :)


Thank you, I'll be waiting for this.

Why is unavailable?


This pack is a special download for Patrons. You'll get a download key if you subscribe to my Patreon page.

So... your asset packs once purchased are free to use in a game commercially right? I'm looking to make a few games of various genre's and yours looks great for high fantasy.

Yes, that's what they are for! Good luck on your project

Bless you then, next payday I'm likely to buy a bundle.


Hello, I would like to ask, the patrons can get most of the resources for free. During the patrons period, it can be used for commercial development. Then, after the patrons authority expires, can the previous materials continue to be used for commercial development?
This is very important, please give a reply, thank you!


i think yes if not you will be pay that forever 


Can not you put this pack on sale?
I do not want to sign up for patrion, even though I have already purchased most of your packages.

Hi there. I'm looking to make a Dwarf Fortress graphic tileset. Are you against the idea of me including some of your artwork in the tileset? I will purchase the artwork from you and credit you, but release the tileset for free, maybe some donations on my time for converting. If I can, I would like to purchase your whole collection and make a request for GOBLINS :) and UNDEAD. 

Also, do you have 24x24 versions of these?

you cannot redistribute my assets no. Sorry

Hey, I can't become a patreon cuz of credit cards and stuffs, but I usually buy all your packs here, and I really wanted to buy this one; can you also put this pack to sale here?

Hey, there is a chance that this pack will be back for sale?

This back should be accessible to anybody who is a Patron at $5 or more.


I'm a patron at the $10 level, yet I received no download key nor can I find one. The link on your Patreon page just brings me back here. Am I doing something wrong? Please help me if you can, because I was really looking forward to using those centaurs. :


This is an old post now, but for anyone else having this problem:

-login to the patreon page
-click "My Membership"
-expand the welcome post
-click "Mythical Monsters Patron Access on"
-click "Connect with Patreon" on the itch page and "Allow"
-click "Download"

It's a little confusing because he has two different links for each set, one links here and the other to download page.