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Hello! I have some quick questions:

Are these characters all different from the Character Sprites pack?
Do they have all 4-way idle and walk frames?

I'd like to use this sprites pack, but I'm not sure how versatile these characters are yet.

Some have full 4-dir walk cycles, those are the the characters designed for this pack. Others only special animations are included here, because it's an expansion- they have full walk animations in the original characters set.

Okay, that's very comforting to know. Thank you!

Are the animations limited to certain characters, or do they work for All TF character sprites?

The set includes animated sprite sheets, so it's for the characters that are animated

Do they actually walk?

Some of them have walking animations, if that's what you're asking. The bards, blacksmith, people carrying stuff, children, executioners, knights, king, farmers, maid, butler, chef, and four characters labeled "townsfolk" all have 3 frame walking animations. The rest do not.

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Sure, no reason not. They're not yet fully optimized for unity, but you should be able to get the sprite sheets going, from what I know unity is pretty flexible.


This is amazing! Thank you so much for your work!

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This is one of your best packs yet! If I can ask, would you consider an expansion later down the line? (For example, Dwarves and Elves, The character expansions, and Future Fantasy)


Hey! I really like this pack, I like all the animations very good job!

Just purchased! Super cool!