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Does this work with Time Fantasy in terms of the relative size of objects? Or at least not clash badly with it?


Yes, the sizes are very similar. The biggest difference is the more vibrant color palette and the more detailed texture style.

when do u normally put out new things? as in when can i expect things to be added as in the new stuff ur adding to time fanasty?

There's new stuff every week on my patreon. For bigger releases and expansions there is no regular schedule. Thanks!

The "lights" character animation does not align with the metal post light 

tile. Either way too high or way too low.


If you're using RPG Maker-- the lights were designed so that you can align them by putting the event on the tile underneath. That way you can have another event for the light source, because they can't normally have two tiles on the same space.

Like this:

Hope that helps, thanks!

I found the right glow variant.

Just noticed the different heights to choose from on the light animations

Thank you for the quick response

I really like this new style and hope you'll be releasing more like it!