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I really enjoyed this, good job! My only feedback would be that it looks and feels strange when your position resets after you canceled the dash midway a tile of bubbles. There should probably be an animation there. I didn't know if there was any difference between blue bubbles and green bubbles either.

Other than that I enjoyed it, would buy it for a few bucks for sure.


That's actually been fixed since this release (and the collision issues been fixed too). Probably need to update the demo soon. :)

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I gave it a play, and I enjoyed it (after doing my best to shrug off the red mist). I liked the randomly generated levels, which made it a good game if someone wants to play for just a few minutes or dive in and play for an hour. Maybe I'm just really bad at platformers (which is the case), but I could definitely see this as a sort of rage game. I was definitely raging, but I had fun.

Here's a video I made for the game:

Love it! This is super useful for me. Thanks for taking the time this is great stuff. :)

Keep it up you got a really good game here

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I'm playing it right now using a gamepad and the first thing I noticed is that the game registers button presses too sensitively. Sometimes when I just want to move left or right I fall though the platform I'm standing on because apparently the game also registers that I slightly press the down button. Other than that it's a fun game so far and the simple mechanics feel well executed and "natural". Also, the music is really cool! :D

I would love to see the finished version of this!


Controller sensitivity is a thing. It's different for different people. Some people have the problem you do, some don't.

So I've decided that the best solution is to add a controller sensitivity option. Added onto the to-do list! Thanks for the feedback, it's helping. :)

That's a good idea. I'm always happy to check out cool games and help other indie devs out. =)