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Hello, I really liked your assets and used them to create a small game, you can find it here.


I know you've stated that you don't have any significant restrictions for commercial use outside of redistribution. I just want to verify though.  Is it okay to use your works in commercial games that have mature content?



Will you provide an update to this beautiful pack?

what about 9999?


amazing!!! when will be a new pack???



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Thanks for this awesome asset, I really love it. I have adopted some of the icons in a my new game space shooter Nebula -

Some of the icons are just so universal they really can be used in any genre.

Hi! One question the equipment and accessories can be "wearable" for player and does it work for full four-direction? Thanks

Not for this set, these are icons.

They look really good, do you think it's possible to have Japanese-themed icons like kimono or shrine maiden outfits, please?


There's some tiles like that in my Japan pack. Maybe they could be converted into icons hmm

Gostei d+

Where is the patreon link for these I follow the link on patreon and it comes to this page with no free download link

Check out the pinned FAQ post on patreon, it has links to download everyting


So excited to (re) discover these icons! I'm going to use them in a game soon! Thanks so much for these and all your great icons and game tiles.

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Hi good day do you have battle animations for sprites? Looking to see which are the best packs that have all the battle animations.

Will be using these in my up and coming action role playing dungeon crawler game

Hello, can I use this for minecraft mods? Asking as mc mods are free and jar files are easy to open. I'd only include the icons I use though. I also wouldn't push the icons to a public github.

Technically not if they're being redistributed -- but if you're only using some of them, then I could personally look the other way ;). Maybe just include a note that reminds people not to rip them.

Can I use this commercially for my game build



I love u 😍

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Time Fantasy RPG Asset Bundle $100,00

1. Can this all set of resources be used commercially?
2. Can I modify the sprite and use it for game development?
3. Are there any restrictions on the development engine?


1. Yes, commercial use is OK and no credit is required.
2. Yes, you can make any edits you want for use in your own project.
3. No, no restrictions

Thanks! :)

Can this set of resources be used commercially?

 Are there any restrictions on the development engine?

No restrictions! Commercial use is OK. No credit necessary!

Okay thank you! I wish you a happy life!


is this pack compatible with Unity?

Yes! It includes individual frames so it has the flexibiliy to be used in any engine!

Hey, can you provide the license and terms of use for this asset? Is it allowed for commercial work? What are the terms for crediting you?

Is this asset tied to RPG Maker?


The license that I generally point people to is the "pro license" used on gamedevmarket:

In short: it allows any use except direct redistribution. Edits are fine, commercial use is OK, no engine limitations. And on a personal note I do not require to be credited for any assets I've made (as long as they're not attributed to someone else).

The terms are the same for everything I've released for free or on my patreon. I am very open with the terms and like to avoid limitations.

Hope that helps.





Just purchased, happy with it!