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Izel's Observatory is an underwater action-adventure game made in one month for the 2018 Indie Game Making Contest.


Update: This game came in second place (out of 300+ entries) for the judge's choice in the contest.


You are Izel, and your passion is studying the stars. But your discoveries threaten the power of the high priests. They destroy your research and sentence you to execution.

Escape from jail and take up your spear -- fight your way through underwater caverns, coral reefs, a nest of electric eels, a sunken ship and more. Collect upgrades and abilities to open new paths and find your way home.

  • Game can be played with a gamepad, keyboard, or keyboard and mouse.
  • This is a prototype version made in one month for the IGMC 2018.

Design, art, and programming by Jason Perry. Original music by Jake Milner.

Thanks for playing.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
Tags2D, Metroidvania, Pixel Art


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Eel escape scene was WAAAAAAY too long. I was having a ton of fun with this until that section. obstacles weren't telegraphed very well, and setting the eel to stay relative to the players position made playing well seem unrewarding.

the eel escape sequence has some intense rubberbanding

this an the fact that the camera stays fixed with the player at the center instead of panning foward makes it feel quite unfair


This was a fun game to play, I stopped at the eel chase but overall I love this style of game.

Maybe tone down how much of a pinball the dash makes ya if ya use this for anythin.

Playthrough of my first game, really the concept of the game is smaller than I imagined, but the final part is quite complicated and took most of the time, I guess the difficulty could be adjusted a bit in the last segment of the eel but otherwise I liked the concept of an underwater metroidvania a lot, the sensation of mobility and dynamism felt quite fluid and pleasant to what I suppose becomes the requirement of the final part.

good game, (final?) boss sucks really hard.
like I made it to the third chase area but seriously, even dark hidden paths?
how you expect me to react when this thing tries to bite me nonstop?

sure hope that one day we get a full game.
doubt it though since its been like 4 years without any news :-(


Hello, I played Izel's Observatory and find this game very interesting. Even though the game is short, most due to an other game coming, I really find this a great game. It's something I never knew existed. The final Boss is very complicated. Sadly the Music is a bit repetitive though, but overall it's good to play. I made a video about this game if someone is interested in watching it. 


Man that boss is hard. I have to give up. But the rest of the game is really good. Is there any story after you get to the top

Good game.

looks like timespinner


I was really impressed with this game but the difficulty curve when you reach the eel is too steep. The eel is too fast, you can't navigate out of your shell fast enough and you bounce too much inside it.


Yeah, the final area was thrown together quickly before the deadline without much time to test it. Hope to revisit it some time. Thanks for playing!


I've tried it again. After farming for health (which doesn't help the one-shot kills) and reaching about 5 levels high, I'm flabbergasted there's no checkpoints yet. I got to a tile section with a clam enemy and it's beyond a joke at this stage. PLEASE add some checkpoints!

Amazing game! Haven't finished it yet but I just managed to go OOB and crash it in the eel section, by just holding shell+left out of the cutscene and hitting the transition from OOB.
The mechanics are fun and the game looks really good, great job!


Thanks!It's for the best that you broke it LOL-- the final section was rushed before the deadline and unbalanced-- way too difficult and not in the god way-- you can consider it beaten lol!

Thanks for playing!

U used Unity?

Game Maker Studio'


F*ck that last boss and spikes


cool game but that boss is ridiculously hard, especially in the zig zag section! :'-(


Hoo boy, that final sequence sure was unnecessarily unforgiving.


- Add checkpoints.

- Add those bitey-clam enemies after getting the nautilus spikes, so we learn we can defeat them with the spikes. I died a bunch in the final chase trying to spear the clams, since that's how you fight them the first (and only) time you see them beforehand.

- Jigger the controls on gamepads. Currently on my 360 pad, Y X A and RT do spear, and LT and RT do nautilus roll, which can lead to some weird behavior when using the RT.

Other than these, great demo! Looking forward to a full game :).


And I got to finish the boss chase right after recording. Hope to see more of Izel, keep up the good dev work! :)


Absolutely loved this one! Would definetly love to see it win and be made into a full game. That being said, jesus, that final chase was BRUTAL. Took me at least 50 tries to finally get through it. But hey, at least the visuals are amazing, but I expected no less from ya~


Really fun! Feels like The Little Mermaid combined with Shovel Knight. I very much enjoyed it and would love to see more if you  continue with it. Super impressive for a month of work, great job.


Looks Neato~