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irresistible. I bought it. good job.

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Hey I just finished a game that includes this asset pack. Check it out at , its called Renegade Plan B. I used the Heart for a giant dimensional space ship and the interior tiles for the cockpit.  It fits the mood I was going for perfectly. I used the little virus creatures as crew for the ship.

Spent just over 2 months now building my first serious project using Time Fantasy as the primary style and I've gotta say while I'm making my edits and developing battlers and portrait sprites to match the walking sprites I feel like a kid playing with a big ol' pile of Lego all over again! Your designs are really charming and the more I play with them the more they get my creative juices flowing lol

Hoping to have some room in the budget to become a patron soon and looking forward to the next release in the series!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you are having fun!


Do you get access to all asset packs by joining patreon ++ or just certain ones?


Very Mystery Flesh Pit National Park. Love it.

I have one question, is the character style in this GIF preview (which is different from the time-fantasy style) currently being developed? some sort of future packs?

Other than that, this tileset is really cool, great job!

Yes, he's part of an upcoming release!


Damn this is impressive! I love it so much.


Ewwwwwww grooooossss!! (I mean that in the best way) looks awesome,  great job!