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NOTE: There's a BIGGER AND BETTER version available. Omega Modern is an improved remaster: check it out here.

This pack, Old School Modern, is going to be discontinued in favor of Omega Modern. If for some reason you still want this old version, send me an email: finalbossblues.com/contact/



Take your game back in time to the modern era with the Old School Modern resource pack. The crisp pixel-based style recalls games of the early console era, with fresh new tiles that provide limitless possibilities. Create towns and cities with modern homes, stores and office buildings. A variety of tiles provides everything you need to build the wilderness around your towns, including dungeons like caves, temples or a technology maze. And populate that world with all sorts of characters designed to fit in with style!

Characters and matching battler graphics expands the possibilities offered by Old School pack. NPC characters fit into the modern world, playing roles that range from an army soldiers to football cheerleaders. Monsters come in classic varieties, from beasts and insects to vampires and zombies.

Note: The graphics in this pack were originally released in two separate RPG Maker DLC packs. I've compiled all these assets here into a single pack for this release. Unlike the OSM packs on Steam, this "full version" of the Old School Modern pack is not restricted to use in any specific engine.

This pack includes:

  • 96 human characters (4-directional walking sprites)
  • 48 monster and animal characters (4-directional walking sprites)
  • 79 large single-frame battle graphics that match the walking sprites
  • Additional animated sprites: vehicles, fish, treasure chests, doors.
  • Tiles: interior and exterior tiles for modern towns and houses, wilderness: forest/mountain/caves/swamp, temple ruins, tech-dungeon and overworld.
  • a whole bunch of miscellaneous ui stuff

License Summary

Yes you can sell games made with these. You can make games using any engine or for any system.

You are free to edit these. You can't re-sell the graphics themselves. You can use them in any way and then sell anything that you use them in.

Thanks guys and gals. Have fun. :)

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GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tagsearthbound, Modern, Monsters, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Retro, RPG Maker, tiles


This asset pack is currently unavailable


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Is this the same style as Omega Modern?

I know this was taken down due to Omega Modern, but I have two questions as a "completist":

1) Are ALL the assets from this older pack included with the more expensive, new Omega Modern pack?

2) Is this old pack still available anywhere to buy? Or downloadable for members of your Patreon like some other packs are?


1. it's not a one-for-one, so every individual thing might not be replicated exactly, but it does have all the same general locations, themes, etc-- but with more variety.
2. it's not available right now. if you're really interested you can email me and we can work something out directly.




Are you still planning to remaster this for 2019? Just wondering before I purchase. Thx. 


Yes! You might want to hold off.

The new version is already finished and I'm just waiting on the publisher before I release it. Should be sometime very soon! :)

I can't wait, I really like this earthbound vibe :)


wow amazing can you post a screenshot or any example. I can't wait!

Is this for RPG Maker MV or for VX Ace?

It should have versions for both. (But you might want to wait because there'll be a bigger and improved version coming out in a few weeks ;))

Thanks for the info friend. I will wait then

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Hey! I'm looking to build a game for my girlfriend for Christmas and would love to use this asset pack - do you know when the ugprade is coming? Just wondering if I should wait on buying the pack or to pick it up now :)

Also - do you do commissions? I'd love to get some custom characters built out. 


I don't have a date for the release for the Omega version, though the publisher has told me that it will be sometime this month. In the meantime you can use this one-- I am planning on creating a discount for the new one for people who have bought this version, if I can get it to work.
As for commissions, sure. Send me an email: http://finalbossblues.com/timefantasy/contact/

Would you say that this pack works well with your other projects, more specifically the 80+ Character Sprites?

Does this include the Retro Halloween Tiles as well?

No, those weren't made by me. They were made by someone else in the same style. 


Hi! Is it the same as what you sell at Unity Asset Store?

The Old School Modern pack in the Unity store is sold through a publisher. I don't have direct control over it,-- but it should have the same content, yes.

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Hi! Are you planning to make more resources that fits with this?  I love it!

hey, i need some modern soldiers, you can make some?

Sure! Send me an email http://finalbossblues.com/contact/

Any plans to make more of this style tilesets?  For Ex. seasons, more buildings, random indoor/outdoor items? 


I'm currently working on a remaster with expanded tilesets! The colors will be improved and there will be a lot more buildings and objects. Stay tuned! :)

That's great news. Will it be released here or on your Patreon?


It'll be released everywhere I can :)

Do you have attacking animation for the characters?

Not for these ones. Just regular walking sprites.

Can I use these graphics in RPG Maker MV?


Hello, do I have to edit anything or it's perfect for use on RPG Maker MV? Thx!


you just need to resize the characters about 150℅.The cars need to be mirrored and some other stuff. but if youre going to make a game for real this pack is worth any little adjustments it may need.

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Can you post some more map example pictures, i bought this here and i believe vx ace had map examples. i justwant to see pictures, for example i dont know how to tile the observatory. and i noticed the overworld theres a church, can i make that too using the tiles for a full sized church?


Yeah, the observatory tiles are awkwardly arranged in the set (there's a ceiling part underneath the dome tiles, but it looks kinda like a wall and I can see how it would cause confusion) -- use the walls/doors from the other B-layer houses. Here's a quick example I just put together for you: Observatory

Haven't made specific church tiles-- maybe I can add it to the set, idk-- I'll take a look thanks. :)

I already have this on Steam for VX Ace. Does the "you can use it anywhere" still apply?

The Steam version is an RPGMaker exclusive license. The packs here on itch.io you can use in any engine. :)

Okay... =(