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and what are the size of tiles?

16x16 is the base tile size.

what do you use to make pixel art and how long did it take you to learn it?

Can i have a photo of the tile sheet becuase the photos dont help me and it cost a lot of money so i need to know if i should or not

I'll add a screenshot of the contents of the folders, thanks!




Any chance you could add alternative skin colours to the character sheets? There are a few non-white characters, but it would be good to have all the characters with skin tone options.


Right now this isn't a priority because the terms allow edits, so you are welcome to go in and recolor any character to fit what you want. :)

Is the omega modern compatible with Construct 3?


hi i am using this tileset in godot, few more screenshot for the use of tileA4_walls and tileA5_inside will be be helpful

tileA4 is specifically in an rpgmaker format, so you might need to do some work to get it working nicely in another engine. on the other hand, tileA5 is a regular tile sheet with single tiles and should work without any special formatting. thanks!

Deleted post
Deleted post

Hello, congratulations on the quality of the assets. I bought your package through steam together with the rpg maker. My question, to use in other game engines I need to buy again or can the license of the package sold by steam / rpg maker be used, for example, to develop games on the godot engine? thank you

If you're not using RPG Maker, then you need to buy the assets here on where they have an open license. The ones sold via Steam have a special discount because the license is limited to RPGMaker only. Thanks!

I believe I purchased your asset pack in a bundle on humble bundle. Was that a limited license for RPGMaker.

If you got it in a Humble Bundle, then you have the general license and there are no restrictions. :)

Can this be used with rpg mker MV/MZ??


Will this go on sale on black friday? This looks really good for RPG maker mv and sorta looks like mother 3 lol. 

yeah most likley

Do you know how much?

Can't say for sure, but the last big holiday sale was 50% off


so around 20-25? lmao i only got 20 reeeeee

What enemies are there in this pack? Are there for example any ghosts or spirits? Is there a list somewhere?

"This collection includes everything you need to build a full game in a single style: characters, battlers, faces, tilesets, monsters, icons, and even system graphics."

Battle backgrounds would be a nice add-on to this and maybe a little more variation on icons and face expressions. Despite that, it's not bad and it has a lot of useful things.

I can't seem to be able to create a proper indoor area. I'm trying to make something like the room in the bottom right of this image

Am I an idiot/missing some tiles? They don't seem to connect to be able to make a room like that.

Hmm, the screenshots were made in an editor so they should all be possible. Send me an email with a screenshot of what you're doing and I can probably figure out the problem.

😭and I JUST bought the Time Fantasy bundle for $100.  I knew I should have waited.  

Heya It's me again
What do you thing about snowy tiles??

Heya! I was wondering if you do tileset commissions for top-down videogames?  And if so, how can I contact ya?

Maybe, but I'm really busy with multiple projects. If it's something small I might be able to fit it in. Send an email on my website

The blackest of all fridays is less than a week away. Will this be discounted then?


yes 🤫🤫🤫🤫

You are both a gentleman and a scholar.

Hello! I bought "Tarot Cards" can I use them as Steam cards?

Great pack. Thanks. 

In the Cars sprite sheet you have three versions of each car. Are these meant to be an animation? I can't see any difference between the three images of each car, but certainly an animation would be nice. 

They are animated. They bob up and down and there's a subtle change in the center of the tires to show rotation.


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Is this pack natively compatible with RPG Maker MV? If not, how can I scale them to be compatible with RMMV?


finalbossblues always does his works in mv + vx format. Don't worry. ;-)


Yes, everything I release has formats for RPG Maker. Thanks

Hi there,

Love the pack, great price for such a large collection. I was just wondering if you happen to have a file for Shaz' Lazy Tilesets? Look forward to your reply.

:shrug: Sorry I don't know what that is.

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Hello finalbossblues! I love the art style you used in this :) definitely considering buying it... 

A few questions though:
1) what is the file format? 16x16 PNG?
3) I intend to sell my games, is this royalty free?
4) I focus on sci-fi themes, can I edit these assets and still use the edits in commercial projects?

Last but not least, 
What are the settings included? if you could just give a quick description of the tilesets that would be a huge help. 
I see the following settings:
* diner
* clinic
* city streets
* suburbian streets
* bathroom
* mines
* nature / park
* overworld

What kind of tilesets are left?

All the best,



just looked at the comments below and somehow I missed that all the question have been answered there, except for the one about the settings included in the pack...

Sorry about that, I am normally careful with this kinda stuff :/

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The set is designed to be very flexible, so its hard to list off every possible setting, especially if you are creative with the tiles. Still, I'd say that the tilesets cover the basics for:

General nature tiles: park, forest, mountains, river, swamp, beach, etc 

Town exterior: town, city, suburbs, farm, church, beach, docks

Interior areas: houses (living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, etc-- ), stores (grocery/general store, clothing store, vending machines), offices, fast-food place/diner, casino, cinema, school, church, tech labs, hospital/doctor

Dungeon: caves, mines, temples, sewers, science lab

I hope that helps. 

Sorry for the delayed response, I'm not good at keeping up with the comments XD

Hey! - I just bought this pack today and I'm super excited to use it, but I just have a quick question. I noticed "for example" that your !crystal.png displays the crystals vertically rather than horizontally. Traditionally (using RPG Maker MV) if I wanted to make a standalone animation of the crystal I'd have to select stepping in the event and it would read the image from left to right. Would you be able to quickly let me know how to achieve the animation based on the top down orientation of the PNG? - Thank you!

That's because it's a 4-frame animation, so you'll need to animate it to "turn" in a down-left-right-up animation. Thanks!

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Very interested in this, but want to be sure it would have most of what I need before buying it since it's quite pricey, though the style is gorgeous!

I am looking to develop a game set in the 1980's, so I like the idea of this old-school aesthetic, but would the assets look "Eighties" enough (i.e. can I create a mall, fast food joint, video arcade, cinema, etc.)? Think BTTF, Goonies  or ET for the type of settings I want to create.

One specific thing I need is the ability to have characters ride bicycles. Even if I'd need to edit the sprites, is there an (animated) "bike" vehicle/sprite included with this pack? I was also hoping for at least one video arcade machine and a "boom box", along with signage and possibly a cinema marquee...?

Those specific items aren't included... sounds like the kind of thing that can be added as a commission or patreon request-- so you can email me any time. Thanks!

Deleted 4 years ago

It's in the character sets because its animated, you'll find it with the treasure chests.


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Has anyone tried this in unity?

Edit: I got a different pack but it didn't work with unity.

It works in Unity.

Does this work with Unity? If you don't know, does each tile come as its own image?

Should work. Each tile should not be its own image. Look in to using tilesets in Unity. It's possible to use multiple sprites of the same image.

I work in unity and to clarify, are all the building tiles on the same image, you are talking about sprite sheets, for the tile editor it is good to have each tile as it's own image, or are all the buildings on one image?

What is the resolution of these sprites?

Are those sprites limited for RPG-Maker or can they be used on any engine?

16x16 base tile grid. They can be used in any engine.

Looks great! Does it contain assets that could be used for a hospital, including sprites for different staff members (doctor, nurse...)?

Hi if I buy any and all of your packs can I use them in a game for me to sell and can I alter the icons to suit the style of game.. Ie having run down buildings and over growth. I will credited all icons by you and if you want I can give you the altered icons to give out for free.

Yes, that's fine. If you buy my assets you can edit them as you please.


Can I also use a different engine other then RPGMaker


can i use Commercial Use ? 


what the size of the tile and characters? 16x16?

That's right, this set is based on a 16x16 pixel grid.

Hi, are these compatible with the Old School modern set?

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Not exactly. These are made to be better than the original Old School modern, as an expanded remaster. The color palette is different and the characters are in a new style. Most of the material from the original Old School modern set is here, recreated in the new Omega style.

But they do use the same base tile size, so they can work together without any problems. It just might require a little bit of editing in order for the visuals to match, mostly by color scheme.

I hope that makes sense. Thanks!

Hey, got a couple questions:

1. What would you recommend for battlebacks in rpgmaker with this?  The enemies are relatively small so I'm assuming they're supposed to be in a line across the middle of the battles screen (assuming a front view), but I'm not quite sure if any of the default battlebacks would look good with that.

2. I don't want to make a game about kid characters, and so it's hard to tell, are the default hero ones i.e. the ones with sv_battlers adults or kids?


1. They'd work best in a side view setup; for battle backgrounds I normally make them by making maps out of the tiles and usIng that as an image.

2. I imagined them as teenagers; you can use them however you want!


Ooh, that battleback sounds like a good idea.  Incidentally tho I'm going front view so that all the characters can potentially be usable in combat, so I was initially thinking of the battlebacks in terms of like Earthbound or something.  But yeah, some battlebacks made of key map locations sound like just the thing.

If I purchase this, Can i use it for my own game that I can then put up for sale on steam?


Thank you! i'll be buying this very soon!

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Good job dude

I have a sugestion. Can you change the walk sprite and can you put the sprite, battler and face set base??

Please UwU

Good idea. I'll probably share the base at some point in the future. Thanks!

No thanks to you for answering, and another little thing, can you change the movement of the legs in the lateral sprites?

They look a little bugged

Awesome job, dude! How well do you think the tileset mixes with your previous releases, like Time Fantasy? 

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This is an entirely new style, so it's not designed to work with Time Fantasy. The only parts that would really work would be maybe the icons, or stuff like that.

But don't worry, Time Fantasy is getting its own modern-themed expansion soon too!


Thanks! I'll be looking forward to the modern-themed expansion! Time-Fantasy looks great :D

Do the animals have walking animations as well?



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Nice! Are the battlers online sideways and not top or bottom? Also, what actions can they perform?


The hero battlers are for a Side View system. They have standard animations that would be expected for that type of rpg system- attack (with weapon), cast magic, take damage, crouch for bad status/low hp; victory dance; dead... there's also a variety of weapons that can be overlaid on the attack sprite animations.


Deleted 5 years ago

It's priced that way because of the amount of content. There's enough graphics here for an entire game!

awesome! looking forward to using it!


I have to agree the price is fair. Having had the privilege of being a patron of his and got this resource pack already. I can tell you whats in it is probably the single most largest resource pack I have seen!

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