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Hey there! I was curious if this asset pack has gym/fitness assets in it? Planning a game that has a gym as one of the major locations. 

Nothing specific like exercise equipment, but there's some things that maybe could fake it, and there are muscley character sprites... and I have released a wrestling/boxing ring on my Patreon which might be useful. TBH your idea is a pretty good one for a little expansion, hmm...

Você  conhece jogos feitos com esses gráficos?

I see the terms on steam written like this. that it can choose an engine other than RM. is there any mistake?

that's fine

Hi is this the same packet as the one on steam or is this a bigger package than the one on steam? 

This has the same content but a different license, the one on steam is discounted because the license is restricted for RPGMaker use only. If you're using something like Unity, etc, then get the one here on itch. thanks!

Hiya just checking that this was the same pack!  A few weeks after I got the steam one this was in the humblebundle so im just confirming its the same thats all because I thought it was called something else but not too sure so best to ask. 
I do love your stuff I bought all Timefantasy on steam becuase they are so nice! 

Deleted 1 year ago

Not sure of the problem, I can't see it, can you tell me which speicifc files have the errors? Thanks


I think you open them in MS Paint which does not allow transparency, that's why you see it like a completely mess, but they are fine. Just use them as you downloaded them or use different program if you want to edit them. There is no errors in the files. 

Hi, I have this art asset. What is the file sizes of each sprite to slice them up? 32x32? 16x16?

16x16 base tiles, thanks!

I bought this pack twice. Once from Steam and the other time when it was in Humble Bundle xD I do have to make a game in it now I think.


did you make the game?

Ah a shame I missed that humble, but that's when Humble decided to screw over charities so you know, gotta pick battles.

there is finished games using this pack?

I'm working on one.

I'm working on one with MZ3D plugin.

It's similar to pokemon, but not quite.

Fantastic pack! Is there a place I can find the pallet you used?

I bought this on Steam and it's very nice but could you possibly make horror assets in this style?

and also adding the different bust of the characters would be nice,


hello I come to buy this pack, can you make other additions, more buildings, more cave, a volcano, a big boat, islands etc ...


Good idea! An Omega Modern "adventure expansion".... Maybe in the future


I will buy it if/when it's released. LOVE all your stuff, keep it coming!


I'm really enjoying using this pack... it's just, in my opinion, really missing some bigger monster sprites there's pretty much just a tree and a demon, quite limited... I can't help but notice the old modern pack had some way bigger glorious enemy sprites.


good idea for a future expansion! 🤩


ye i'd be on that ^v^

Just started having fun with this in RPGM MV and it is hands down my favorite modern asset pack out there! Worth every penny.
Please please please update this! It's almost perfect but I'd love to see a couple more building types for the Overworld (like a school). Maybe a couple extra options for roof architectures for  homes and some sewers would be amazing.

Is this compatible with your beach tileset too?

It's a different style than the beach set, but it uses the same base tilesize, so they could work together if you make changes so the color styles match.


I am already a happy purchaser of this pack, I was just wondering if additional packs or graphics of this style might be made...


If there's enough interest I would be happy to revisit this style with an expansion! I have other projects first, so it depends on how much interest there is. Thank you!

I would be very interested in more Omega Modern graphic packs. Even if they're small.

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