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Cool sprites ^^

Hello I wanted to ask you can use this your art for commercial projects?

is it possible to use the graphics and maybe modify it?

What kind of license is used on this product.

Thank you for your answers.

And Congratulations for your skill.


hi everyone/finalbossblues,

I started to use  its character for my first android paltformer game.

the game is still in development.

Hi I am using part of your cool sprites in this game

Hope you like it


Sooo good. Thank you very much!

love the art style!

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Can I use into my commercial game? I made a game with same styly of you.

Ya sure. If you do send me a copy so i can check it out. thanks :)

I downloaded and unfortunatelly has different scale =(

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I noticed you created a game with this asset and submit to greenlight. When you submit a game to greenlight other people cannot use the same asset. Valve delete games with assets. from other games.

Your game link:

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Guess someone is using them in that game, but if that's about steam's policies then idk. If they are blocking you it seems like a reasonable anti-theft rule that just unfortunately doesn't account for indie games with freely-released graphics. Maybe someone will be able to sort it out. Don't know much else about it though so good luck.

No, they are not blocking. But Valve don't let people use same assets to make games. And it is very strange because it is exactly your gameplay.

is this a game ?

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Nope, sharing the graphic assets.

The gif's from a prototype that never went anywhere; shows how the graphics could be used.

Hi! what engine did you used to make your prototype? I want to make a similar game, I know a little unity but I think that it could be overkill for this :P Thanks