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Hey just saying I love your sprites, I just bought nearly everything, but now while setting up I am on the ship tiles and characters and it appears that using the vehicle.png 's kinda don't work. It only marks the upper and middle (aka 2 sprites instead of the whole sheet) ^^' Just wanted to let you know. But still loving all the sets regardless *-* (PS I use RPGMMV and tried all vehicle png's )

Make sure to add a $ to the filename if you're using RPG Maker. Thanks

Some excellent work here, nice and retro, as it should be.

I am looking for a vector version of something from the 8-bit era, but I can't find anything like this.

Is that because this cannot be made in vector form?

My issue is that screen sizes on iOS devices keep changing and although Apple has a unified codebase, I still have to create graphics for many screen sizes on different devices if in rasterized form, so vector would be a one size fits all.

Vector art and pixel art really aren't compatible. It's entirely different approaches.

Your best solution would be to come up with some sort of system that zooms or multiplies the image sizes but keeps it scaled properly so it doesn't stretch and the pixels remain intact proportionally.
Good luck

I would have thought it did that as the size requirements are usually x2 or x3 etc..

I was wondering where those vehicle sprites were! ;)


Hey man your stuff is pretty much amazing. I'm looking at the Time Fantasy Bundle, any problems with your assets being used in a card game - I'm wanting to make a 16-bit RPG themed card game.



Go for it! Sounds cool!