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are the orc characters animated? it works on rpg maker 2k3?

Hi, finalbossblues! I was wondering, how many different attacks does each character have? Thanks :)

Each character has the following animations:

  • Idle (Empty-handed)
  • Idle with Weapon
  • Attack 1 (Regular)
  • Attack 2 (Strong)
  • Walk
  • Victory Cheer
  • Magic Chant
  • Shoot Arrow Bow
  • Crouch
  • Hit (Take Damage)
  • Crouch (Eyes Closed)
  • Dodge
  • Use Item
  • Dead

Here's something I'm using these for:


I like the art style in this, and the amount of stuff to choose from, but I was a little let down on what was excluded. Your description says it has monster battlers, but I didn't see like half of the monsters that were in the monsters pack.

I was hoping for like the elementals, phoenix, the Illithid thing, etc. They all don't need weapons, but it would be nice to have sideview battlers for them. The game I'm working on has monsters available for your team and to battle, and I want to have the side-view system, for them all. 

Do you take commissions? What would be needed to get the monster battlers?

Hmm.. I don't think I ever said that this pack includes monsters. Maybe you meant that comment for a different pack.

Anyways, if you're interested in commission stuff, you can aways send me an email:


How hard would it be for someone without art experience to mix and match weapons?  I am looking to have 1 "Hero" character which can equip different items in combat.

Just to say, I gor these for my current project. I might change them before publication, but I really gotta say, the value for money here is ridiculously good! There's so many sprites to choose from! Love it!


Does this include walking and jumping animation?


Absolutely love this pack, certainly will be picking it up. I wish there were up/down animations for these but these are really nice too.


As a person who has bought twice from this seller, I really wish there were up and down all these character states so that I could buy these. Please make these. If you make these up and down, I will buy this definitely.


Bought! I do wish there we're bases in the pack, but still awesome! Thank you!

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Great, if you can make an up and down animation, it will be perfect!
(I'm making an ARPG, so just left and right isn't good for me)


As usual, another outstanding release! Keep it up!

S:S::S: I was just looking for this!