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Time Fantasy's characters are ready for battle! 

This expansion pack includes all-new  RPG-style side-view battle animations. 80 characters from the first two Time Fantasy sets-- included are hero characters for every class, including the knights and military factions. Characters have their own weapons-- swords, axes, bows, staffs, and others. This long-awaited expansion takes the Time Fantasy pixel style to the next level. Onwards to victory!

  •  Retro pixel art animations to match all Time Fantasy graphics
  •  80 characters based on the heroes from the original Time Fantasy set and the Monsters expansion
  • Character animations include: sword slashes, magic/summoning poses, using items, taking damage, and more!
  • Includes individual frames as well as sprite sheets that are compatible with RPG Maker MV.
  •  Bonus: Pixel animations for state effects in battle!

Note: This is an expansion pack. For base walking animations for these characters, check out the original character pack here.


These assets are made to fit with the other Time Fantasy asset packs:


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GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, Fantasy, JRPG, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Turn-based


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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I've been making great use of these for my mods. Thank you.

Will this pack be getting any of the updates from Patreon? I'm mostly interested in the Dragoon, Elf, and Orc.

I do want to update it with a bunch of the patreon releases yeah-- but every time I think about doing this... I end up making more new ones for patreon and so I keep delaying the idea of an update 😅. thanks for the reminder!

Ahaha, understandable! Awesome, looking forward to it.

I don't speak English. I have two questions. Can this package be used in another engine like bakin? The second question is, I have this time fantasy package on Steam, can I use it on Bakin if it works or would I have to buy it here?

Yes, you can use it in any engine, but you might need to re-arrange the sheet to match other formats. Thanks!

Are there any templates?I really need a template so that I can edit into my own character.

Yes, I've released the base for free. you can get it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/23733688

I have a character equipped with bow but during battle it shows sword swing then the bow. Also wooden cane starts ok but mid attack it shows rod and finishes showing wooden cane again even though I have class weapons specified. Any suggestions?

Yeah, that's because of the weird way that RPG Maker does things. You need to overwrite the default weapons file with a blank image, which should be included in the pack. It is explained in more detail in the readme file.


actually this shouldn't be necessary, at least not for MV. unless this column on the system tab of the DB just does nothing, I haven't checked recently but I wouldn't put it past them.

Always a fan of your work, I was wondering, have  you done side view  battlers for the monsters?  

No, not with full animations. Traditionally monsters wouldn't be animated, see games like Final Fantasy on the SNES. Thanks!

no worries, it's still beautiful work!

Is there any VX Ace version?

quick question for you. I'm working on my first game with libGDX for a class. would these work with that system?

Hi, I purchased the battle animations, they are really a great enhancement for the existing characters! 
One question though: This pack includes all sideview battle animations for chara sheets 1-7, and mil 1-3. However, there's also a chara8 sheet, with 8 additional characters (it's part of either the character or monster sprites pack). Any chance to get the battle animations for those characters as well?


Just purchased. 

These are a great addition. Please consider adding a version of the spite sheets absent the weapons.

Is there any way to see a preview of all the sideview characters, as I have many classses in my rpg and I would like to see if I have the characters here that fits every classes before buying.

Hi,I bought almost every TimeFantasy asset from itch and steam...I really hope the attack sprites of "chara_8.png"'& "$monster_.png" & the orc from "npc.png" could be include...Thank you for hard work...

me too

(1 edit)

It looks like all the sprites from the "80+ RPG Characters" pack are accounted for here except one sheet labeled "bonus1.png". Any chance those sprites will get attack animations in the future? I'm hell bent on using one of the characters from that sheet as a main character but can't because it has no attack animations or emotes (the later of which I could work around).

Quick question - are any of the resources you make compatible with 2003? Currently that's my major game engine, and I can't quite afford anything better yet, so I wanted to check to see if I can use them there

They should be, because they're based on a 16x16 grid. The tilesets for sure, I've converted some before.
But while they are compatible in general size, you'll need to reconfigure everything to the formats that 2K3 expects, because by default they aren't arranged that way.

Gotcha. Good to know.

Spritesheets 1_3, 1_4, 2_6, 2_7, 5_1, 5_4  have a sword strong attack but should be an axe.

Spritesheets 2_3, 6_1, 6_8, mil2_1, mil3_6, mil3_7, mil3_8 have a axe strong attack but should be a sword.

This is not a SINGLE spritesheet which both a weak and a strong axe attack. Will this be fixed?

Some characters have swords and axes as alternate weapons. I don't think it's something that needs to be "fixed", because it's not a mistake.

You're welcome to edit the graphics and copy in weapons from other sets if you want a specific character to have a specific weapon.

Okay, thanks for the reply

What'ss the correct order of sprites? I'm going mad. Is it 1-2-1-3 and then restart or what is it?


Should be 1-2-3 for most of them! Some that loop might look better with 1-2-3-2, but even those ones should still work just fine with a regular 1-2-3 loop


Would totaly buy if there were 4-direction combat animations. Are you going to add some in the future?


Not for this set, since they weren't originally planned to work that way. I do have plans to make something new that will work in all 4-directions though, it will be my project later this summer. Thanks

Awesome, can't wait! :)

(1 edit) (+2)

I too would love the 4 direction set.  I hope they are still in your future plans.

I have your character and monster sprites currently.  Love them!

would be great to hear an update about this ;) I'm eagerly awaiting with dollars to throw at my screen.


I've made a couple of updated on Patreon. Don't expect a release until 2021. Thanks :)

What's the status for 4-way attacks?

Would you be able to make a naked 4Dir Player Sprite Template for an ARPG? (just walk and attack poses)

(1 edit) (+1)

I've released a template with four-directional attack animations on my patreon. :)

This might work for what you need.


Ah sweet thank

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Thanks! Subbed

Deleted 3 years ago

Are any projectiles included? An arrow, for example.

No, I never thought of that. Not a bad idea to put something like that together as a bonus. Thanks!

Would love this feature :)


What about four direction view? I woud pay for it, i could be even your patron just to get it.

Hey I got this pack on steam through the humble bundle and am wondering if there will be a base pack, where it comes with just the base body so we can customize our own characters?

are the orc characters animated? it works on rpg maker 2k3?

Hi, finalbossblues! I was wondering, how many different attacks does each character have? Thanks :)


Each character has the following animations:

  • Idle (Empty-handed)
  • Idle with Weapon
  • Attack 1 (Regular)
  • Attack 2 (Strong)
  • Walk
  • Victory Cheer
  • Magic Chant
  • Shoot Arrow Bow
  • Crouch
  • Hit (Take Damage)
  • Crouch (Eyes Closed)
  • Dodge
  • Use Item
  • Dead

Here's something I'm using these for:



I like the art style in this, and the amount of stuff to choose from, but I was a little let down on what was excluded. Your description says it has monster battlers, but I didn't see like half of the monsters that were in the monsters pack.

I was hoping for like the elementals, phoenix, the Illithid thing, etc. They all don't need weapons, but it would be nice to have sideview battlers for them. The game I'm working on has monsters available for your team and to battle, and I want to have the side-view system, for them all. 

Do you take commissions? What would be needed to get the monster battlers?

Hmm.. I don't think I ever said that this pack includes monsters. Maybe you meant that comment for a different pack.

Anyways, if you're interested in commission stuff, you can aways send me an email: http://finalbossblues.com/contact/


How hard would it be for someone without art experience to mix and match weapons?  I am looking to have 1 "Hero" character which can equip different items in combat.


Just to say, I gor these for my current project. I might change them before publication, but I really gotta say, the value for money here is ridiculously good! There's so many sprites to choose from! Love it!


Does this include walking and jumping animation?


Absolutely love this pack, certainly will be picking it up. I wish there were up/down animations for these but these are really nice too.


As a person who has bought twice from this seller, I really wish there were up and down all these character states so that I could buy these. Please make these. If you make these up and down, I will buy this definitely.


Bought! I do wish there we're bases in the pack, but still awesome! Thank you!

(1 edit) (+9)

Great, if you can make an up and down animation, it will be perfect!
(I'm making an ARPG, so just left and right isn't good for me)


As usual, another outstanding release! Keep it up!

S:S::S: I was just looking for this!