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Create farms with new tiles for houses and barns, and a variety of crops will bring them to life with multiple stages of growth. Build forts with spiked fences, tents and huts. Defenses and cages can build a soldier's encampment or even an orcish village! Expand on your world's locations with much-requested graphics for jail cells and tent interiors. 

This pack also includes 335 ICONS in the Time Fantasy style-- icons for skills, items, weapons, equipment, loot, UI elements and more!

Note: This pack is compatible with all graphics in my Time Fantasy RPG style. It's an expansion to the Fantasy RPG Tileset Pack.

  • Retro pixel art to match all Time Fantasy graphics
  •  A wide variety of crops with images for different stages of growth
  •  Iconset with 335 icons -- skills, items, equipment, loot and more!
  • Includes versions formatted for use in RPGMaker VX/Ace and MV!

These assets are made to fit with the other Time Fantasy asset packs:

Check out the website at timefantasy.net for updates and freebies.

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Made withRPG Maker, GameMaker
Tags16-bit, Farming, JRPG, RPG Maker, snes, time-fantasy


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Bought this specifically for the icons in here, hoping it would be a good addition to "1000+ Fantasy RPG Icons", but unfortunately it's basically all the same icons.  There are some unique ones, but it seems like those are unique because the creator felt he could improve them, and released better versions of those icons in the other pack.  90%+ are the exact same though.


thanks for this. I am working on your graphics pack hoping to have more Asian themed expansion packs. I'm willing to buy it. always support you.

Can you tell me the name of this plant? I'm really confused about it


Could be anything you want, versatile generic leafy plant. I think someone used it once as marijuana plant LOLOL


I always thought of it as hemp 

Can you tell me more about the license for this pack?
I'm I allowed to use it in commercial games?

Yes, commercial use is OK. No significant limitations for use in your projects, just don't redistribute directly. thanks

there's some kind of tree that I'm not sure what it is.

Can anyone list the names of those plants for me?

I have question. So in the folder you put a png image of all of the assets but they are 16x16.  My grid in unity is 32x32 and I dont know how to change it. In the other 2 folders that u gave us there is not grass dirt and the basic things to make a path or things like that.  Can you give me some info or anything so i can finnaly make my path with dirt and grass :D

Yeah, the enlarged ones are for RPGMaker format so the terrain tiles are arranged differently.

If you want to use the master autotiles, you'll need to enlarge them to 200%. You can do it in something like photoshop as long as "nearest neighbor" is checked. Otherwise you could use a tool that will enlarge them, my friend fmoo made some that will help: https://fmoo.itch.io/autotile-packing-tools

Good luck, thanks!

I've been loving this asset pack. Do you have a door sprite that would fit on these houses (such as the top right house in the first image). That half-door is the closest to an actual door sprite I've found, and the rest are various open door sprites. 

What size are these icons, 16x16 or 32x32 ?

Can we sell a game that uses your assets? Thank you



Can't pay for this. :(


I like your style.


The icons were very well done, but they weren't what I expected.  I thought they'd be set up for use in RPG Maker with the same pixel scale as the tiles but the icons are made to take up the same space as the tile.  This means when you have 48x48 tiles, the icons at the same pixel scale are 48x48, not 32x32 like they'd need to be.  I get why this was done, to have the icons match in scale for all setups you'd only have a 10x10 space to work in at the original 1:1 pixel scale.  It just wasn't what I was expecting and won't be as useful to me as I thought.


Yeah RPG Maker's limitations can be really annoying. Maybe a script could increase the icon size or something, then a simple upscale could do the trick.

Do the jail cells include animated doors?

there are any growing stadiums in the pack?

idk what that is

sorry i mean could you make more growing plants? Pls ;)

Maybe! That's the kind of thing that I like to put together for patreon. :)

ah ok... i understand the system... its not a "free update"...


you could make different growing plants maybe ;) so it would be interesting for me too XD

That would be really nice