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Bring your game to life in crisp pixel art with these RPG character sprites. This pack includes a wide variety of characters that feel like the classic RPGs of the SNES era.

This pack is compatible with all graphics in my Time Fantasy style.

For more character sprites and monster sprites in this same style: Time Fantasy Monsters Pack

NEW: Check out the RPG Battlers expansion pack for additional animations for these characters.

Note: The environments shown in the screenshots are from my RPG Tiles Pack.

Over 80 characters with animations! Here are the details:

32 main "hero/villain" characters

  • 4-directional walking animations
  • Emotion animations: nod, smh, laugh, surprise
  • Special animations: 3-frame weapon or action pose

24 military characters

  • 4-directional walking animations
  • Special animations: 3-frame weapon "ready" pose
  • Multiple factions : medievial solders/knights + modern/future troopers and generals

16 NPCs

  • 4-directional walking animations
  • Recolored NPCs make 32 NPCs

Also Includes

  • a "naked" template sprite for artists
  • 8 animated treasure chests
  • 8 bonus characters from timefantasy.net*
  • animal sprites (4 cats, 4 dogs) from timefantasy.net*

*these sprites were previously released for free on the timefantasy blog. they're included for convenience

These assets are made to fit with the other Time Fantasy asset packs:

Check out the website at timefantasy.net for updates and freebies.


Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$15.00 $7.50 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

timefantasy_characters.zip 2 MB


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I bought the pack and I didnt receive any characters with it?


Maybe the download didn't work? You should be able to re-download any purchase by clicking "my library" under your name in the corner. Thanks!

I have bought these assets from you here on itch.io

Can you use these assets in any engine for commercial purposes? I have never downloaded anything from RPGMaker.

Yes, commercial use is fine! No restrictions! Thanks

combat animation?


Hi, what are the dimension? 32x32?

Just noticed that on your doors sheet the doors are bigger taller than the doors in your tile sheets. 

Hi, I'm a game developer and sell codecanyon templates. Could I buy the regular license and create games to sell the codecanyon templates? do you allow me to sell the source code of the game developed in codecanyon?

(1 edit)


My terms disallow redistribution, so you're not going to be able to package these with any sort of template. HOWEVER, people have asked similar things in the past, and generally I've allowed this:

If you need them for some sort of example project, and you need some minimum assets to include (like one character sprite to show a movement engine), then that's OK with me. In that case though I'd ask for you to link back to my itch page here so if your users want to get the rest of the set from me directly. 

If you have more specific ideas please send me an email.


How many frames are in the walk animation?

this is for rpgmaker most rpgmakers use 2 plus the neutral frame

Can't wait to make a game with these!

Love these! Great to have so many options for characters, and the emotes are really nice. Check their website for some free work to see if you like the style.

Good Day are they any running or jumping animations

I have made some extra animations for the base style. Some are here (http://finalbossblues.com/timefantasy/styleguide/) and others have been release on my Patreon. It's just the base though, not for every character, so you'd need to modify it to match the character(s) that you are using.

(1 edit)

80 chars for MV or VX? or 40 from each?


Will you be adding a roll or attack function to these tiles?


Hi! I'm thinking about purchasing your asset pack, just have a few questions:) What size are the character sprites?

Can I recolor them so they match my color palette? I'm making a turn based rpg so I hope they will match well!

Thank you!


The character sprites are sized to fit with 16x16 base tiles-- they're about a tile and a half tall. The exact pixel dimensions vary.

Recoloring is OK! Any sort of recoloring or editing for use in your own project is welcome. Have fun!


Are any of these "doubles" of the sprites from the Future Fantasy set?

(1 edit)

No, the future fantasy set was an expansion that came later. Thanks!

EDIT: The future fantasy includes some characters from this set, but they are a bonus inclusion-- I added them to that set because they had futuristic-looking armor.

just purchased and noticed that several of the files themselves (just viewing in finder) have white boxes covering some of the artwork. can you please advise ?

These white boxes would appear in some of the "master" tilesets. they're spaces where you could add additional tiles from other expansions.

I can use this assets for create my own videogame? and i can sell it

Yes, you  can sell any game created using these assets.


Can you make an action rpg verson of sprits with attacks?

what size tiles are these?

I tried the free vampire sprites and it works great with my 16x16 tiles in unity definitely going to have to get them now

when will we get 8 directional characters?


Is it possible to purchase one set now and get a discount on the full bundle later?

I love to use this in my game, but we are low on funding at the moment.


Can I use this for a top down action rpg ?


There's nothing stopping you from using them for a zelda style game, I have seen people use them like that. But they don't include 4 directional attack animations and are are designed more for final fantasy RPG style. 


How about making a blog post about how to add a simple 4way attack to one of these? We can then try and do the rest on our own. Id like to use these for a top down arpg, but without 4way attack its a no-go

I guess not...

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If I get these from the RPGMaker guys, is the license for any Game engine or is it for RPGMaker only? I'm asking because you said that the RPGMaker version had the tileset and characters while these are separate here.

The RPG Maker DLC is limited to use in RPG Maker only. That's why it's a lower price on their website, because the terms have more restrictions.


Are these compatible with the RPG Maker MV?

Yes. :)

Hello, did you make a complete package under the order for the rpg maker vx ac


(1 edit) (+1)

Hello, I really like your work. Do you think I can use it with unity?  Also, does the sprite sheet has combat in all directions ?(up, down, left, right)

Would you say that this works well with the Old School Modern Asset pack?

Sorry about the repeat question.

It's interesting to see someone finally doing an action/type animation version of what looks like some RPG-Maker sprites :)

(2 edits)

Hey there bossblues. First of all, insanely amazing work on all of your sprites. You are the reason I've bought RMMV few days ago and I'm having a blast so far. I feel like reliving Chrono Trigger but I'm the one telling the story now.

Now for the questions 

1. Are these characters the ones included in basic Time Fantasy Tiles pack, or is it completely different batch? I'm planning on purchasing all of your creations but I would rather avoid spending unecessary cash on something I already own :D

2. Your Patreon expansions (Mythical Monsters and Lich Crusaders), are they included in any other packs or are they exclusive to donating via Patreon? If they're available only through Patreon, you should definitely point it out somewhere visible for others, otherwise, many will miss these gems.


1. If you get the pack from the RPGMaker folks (on Steam or RPG Maker Web), then that pack includes the characters and tiles. On itch.io (and other sites with the general license), the character and tiles packs are separate. So if you have the base Time Fantasy pack via an RPG Maker source, then you would already have the content from this pack and the base tileset pack.

2. The Mythical Monsters and Lich Crusades packs are exclusive for patreon. All unique content!

I hope that answers your questions.



Looks interesting, unfortunately I can't afford for this.

(1 edit)

When I downloaded the pack, the base tileset doesn't include chara1 or vampire sets. Is there any way to get them at the smaller size? Actually, I noticed the doors and lava aren't included at each size either.

The vampire sets were originally released as a free download on my website (they're one of the first freebies I released! - http://finalbossblues.com/timefantasy/freebies/evil-transforming-vampires/) The lava was likewise originally released on my website, but it should be on the master "water" set with a 100% size. If you don't have that file, email me.

Here's a 100% version of the vampire chars I quickly put together for you: Vamps

As for the char1 set; those characters are exclusive for use in RPGMaker and weren't included in the "general license" version of the pack. If you're missing those sets and you're using RPGMaker, send me an email and I can give them to you.


I gotcha. Thanks for letting me know so fast, and for the link to the vampires! And yeah, I found the lava where you it'd be. I appreciate it!


I am little disappointed with this purchase.
The "3-frame weapon or action pose" 90% of them seam to be the action pose of which the 3 frames are identical (just holding a weapon).
Those that have attack animations they are only in one direction not in 4 directions like you would see in the older Legend of Zelda games for example.


I just purchased these but cannot figure out the grid size for the sprite sheet.  26x36 seems close?

The cells for most of the sheets are 26x36 yes. Some special sprites may be a little bigger. The sprites themselves are made to look good on a 16x16 tileset grid. 


can you please add some sprites to support SV battles?

Done! They'll be released soon!

Cool! Will we be provided with a link or update? Seeing as we have either bought this package or the https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/a/graphics/time-fantasy package that also contains character sprites. Or will it be a completely separate package? 


has attack sprites 4 direction? likes zelda


How do you make this character sprite? I want to try to make my own character sprite



hello, whats the licence of your charakter sprite packs?


can i make a char maker with your pics and sell the tool?

Maybe. You can't resell the graphics so it's borderline -- Send me an email with some more details and I'll take a look.

Love all the packs.  Is there any way to purchase them all as a single pack?

Not right now. Sometimes they go on a bundle sale.

In the future I'm going to put together an ultimate bundle, but I have a couple more releases planned first! Then I'll put them all in a mega pack!


is this for commerical use? i want to add this asset to my engine as the default images and then sell the engine with it.

It's for commercial use for individual projects but not for reselling-- if you're selling an engine that's a special case, it might be reselling. Send me an email via timefantasy.net and maybe we can work something out.

hello, I was wondering, are these just a compilation of your other character packs, or are these materials in this, that are not in the other packs?

These are the originals. Any other packs came after, as expansions to this one.

Hello, I first wanted to say that your art looks amazing. And secondly, will purchasers be able to get these expansions for these attack animations for free or will there be a add on price?

-Thanks again

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