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Can you Suplex that Train?

Jokes appart, your art is amazing!

Hi, this is included on patreon? I would like to be one!

Hmm, I don't think that this pack is available any more for patrons. With big packs like these, I release them as a reward to current patrons but then that key go away after a couple of months. Thanks!


Hi! ¿Is this compatible with RPG Maker MZ? Cheers!

Hi, a quick question, as I could not find the proper answer elsewhere. In what sizes do your sprites come in (as I'm mostly interested in the 16x16 tiles)? Thanks :) Awesome tileset!


What is the license for this?  Can it be used within a commercial game?


Hello ! The train made me think about it : will you create a Western Time Fantasy pack ? Good job otherwise.