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It's the industrial revolution! Create a steampunk city with this tileset expansion pack. A steam train tileset; for the engine itself and the inside of the train cars. New city buildings, with interior sets inspired by the Victorian era. A dungeon full of pipes and valves, and animated gear mechanisms. Bring it all to life with animated smoke and steam effects. And as a special bonus, this pack includes a sewer tileset.

These graphics are compatible with all of the assets from the Time Fantasy series.

  • City buildings in the style of the industrial revolution (three color variations)
  • Steam trains: outside and inside
  • Victorian-inspired interiors
  • Dungeons full of pipes, valves, and clockwork mechanisms
  • Animated smoke and steam effects, and animated gears
  • Bonus: Sewer tileset
  • Includes a full tile-sheet for general use...
  • ...as well as formats for RPG Maker VX/Ace and MV/MZ


These assets are made to fit with the other Time Fantasy asset packs:

Check out the website at timefantasy.net for updates and freebies.

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TagsPixel Art, snes, steam, Steampunk, Tileset, train, victorian


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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I am having difficulty getting the smoke character to animate appropriately using RPGmaker. Do I need to rename it with a $ character or do something different. Unsure why it doesn't move like the RTP one does. Thanks.


Is there any chance of seeing this redone in Time Elements?

Can you Suplex that Train?

Jokes appart, your art is amazing!

Hi, this is included on patreon? I would like to be one!

Hmm, I don't think that this pack is available any more for patrons. With big packs like these, I release them as a reward to current patrons but then that key go away after a couple of months. Thanks!


Hi! ¿Is this compatible with RPG Maker MZ? Cheers!

Hi, a quick question, as I could not find the proper answer elsewhere. In what sizes do your sprites come in (as I'm mostly interested in the 16x16 tiles)? Thanks :) Awesome tileset!


What is the license for this?  Can it be used within a commercial game?


Hello ! The train made me think about it : will you create a Western Time Fantasy pack ? Good job otherwise.