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A group of scientists landed on a foreign planet in order to study its potential as a new home for mankind. On the planet, one of the scientists discovered a strange creature and began to study it... then disaster struck.

Symbiote is an adventure-platformer where you explore the mysterious ruins of an alien planet, while searching out new abilities to reach new areas.

Symbiote was made in 30 days for the 2015 Indie Game Making Contest. It won the the third-place prize!


  • The focus of the game is on the movement: tight, responsive controls allow for precise platforming.
  • Features hi-res, hand-drawn graphics and animations.
  • Put together the backstory from the crew's recorded messages, or feel free to ignore the story to get on with the action.
  • Collect sparks from defeated foes to upgrade your max health.
  • For completionists, find the five artifacts hidden throughout the world.
  • Playable with gamepad or keyboard. Gamepad STRONGLY recommended.
  • Support for multiple resolutions.


Design, art, programming and writing by Jason Perry. Soundtrack contributed by Shizu.

Thanks for playing. Have fun!

Release date Aug 05, 2015
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Metroidvania
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsXbox controller, Gamepad (any)


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I like the overall concept, art style, and how fleshed out this game is. I know ur aware of some of the issues, but ya the controls are so wonky which is a nightmare during some of the platforming sections. This made me abandon it after the second upgrade. I also feel like the text logs were too long, the first 30 minutes of the game is 70% reading lol. I bet if you did a remake it would be really good !

The controls feel downright disobedient. Also, even going through all the logs up until just before the TIMED SEQUENCE I feel like we got almost 0 symbiote. So didn't even get what drew me in.

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Yeah, it's crazy to go back and play this one after my newer stuff, how much things have improved. Thanks for playing!

Now you've got me thinking about a remake... LOL...

(also (spoilers): you were playing as the symbiote the entire time, just infesting the body of the girl :o Maybe it isn't as clearly explained by the end)

...that spoiler bit I honestly think mighta been more impactful as a false conclusion by the dad I think would.

Amd either way, still feels like the symbiote had barely symbioted... felt like the least important part of the story named after it...

lol idk what you would want it to do, but thanks for playing!

this was a really sad game! :'-(

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Great short game, would love to see all these ideas expanded on! The platforming towards the end was murder on my hands, but I pulled it off.  Only thing is I couldn't find one of the artifacts (the first one on the checklist), and I backtracked everywhere. Hidden behind a foreground pillar maybe?

Thanks! I think the first artifact was in the Hive area, in a hidden wall-jump section, if it's the right one I'm thinking of. Either way, thanks for playing! The final area is a real platforming challenge. I do want to revisit it someday and make more levels in the style of the final area, when you have all the abilities unlocked! It can get really acrobatic.

Good metroidvania!

This game is lacking fighting with only one boss fight and less enemy variations but it is more to exploration. Can be judged from abilities which are exploring abilities