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Do you think you'll ever make these into busts?


No, sorry. There are other artists better at that kind of thing, so it's best for me to focus on sprites and tiles. Thanks!

Any chance on making faces for the Animal RPG Sprites pack?

Will we ever see a Faces pack 2 that has faces for the characters from the other content packs?

It's possible but unlikely, because it's a lower priority for me. My specialty is on the character sprites and tilesets so while I am focusing on that stuff, the faces are pretty far down on the list. Thanks!

Does this include character from Future Fantasy?

No, only the original set and the Monsters expansion.

These are great, thank you! Will definitely add these to my project. Time Fantasy Faces for the Dwarves and Elves pack too would be super awesome! :D

Are there any bases where we can make our own faces?

there are speak animations?

do you plan to add the faces of characters from future fantasy?

Maybe! Depends on the interest. thanks

Joining your Patreon today to request this king

I'm voting for this :)