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Does any Patreon tier gives access to it?

Not anymore now; new packs are shared with patrons when they are first released, but that's a benefit for active patrons so the download key is removed after a couple of months.

Can't wait to see the Time Elements enemies

Are you able to export a piece without a base? For example, can I choose an armor set and export it so that it just shows the armor but the body isn't shown?

Yes, they don't use a base at all and the pieces can be standlone.

Does every character you make have an attack animation or only some?

All of the pieces included can be used for attacks. The only exception are the pre-made NPC characters like the children.

It's pretty cool.

Where could I get / buy more clothes options and a female body type other than making them myself, if possible? They might not exist, but I figured I'd ask anyways. Thanks :) 


New expansion coming soon! Stay tuned :)


hi admin, I am consider between this asset and "80+ RPG Characters Sprites" asset, can you tell me the deference ?

In addition to the modular pieces, the sprites are a different art style. It's up to you which style best fits your project.

quick questions.

Is there a way to modify the export logic?

I'd like to get a 4 frame walking as that's default in the engine i'm using.  Is this doable?

And can we setup the "Full Sheet" to allow for a specific size, like having it automatically being VX for my use case.

Being able to tinker with some of the generator would cut down my workflow time greatly.

hmm I'm not sure. It uses JSON files for most things so maybe you can find something if you dig in the settings files-- I'll ask the programmer, thanks!

Much appreciated if you can come back with something useful. If not thank you for looking into it!

Great designs! Program is currently unusable because I can't scroll down due to a locked resolution. I can't actually press the MZ export button. This needs a fix or a refund : /

Hi, great art style!

I want to mod the game Crystal Project which uses your assets. I bought the generator but I can't figure out how to make the characters from the generator match the size of the ones from Crystal project. There are 3 savable options and none of them are the same size. I tried using to alter the size but they came out wonky. Here's an example of the differences in size:

Also, is there any way to use the tank top from the icon?


Try next neighbor for the resize.

Can these be used outside of RPG Maker? Or are we restricted to using it only within RPG Maker?

Any engine is fine! Thanks!

Sorry Can you list all the animations in the description, I'm looking for farming animations.

I'm having an issue where I am using the Premade NPC's in my game, and when I try to walk from their north for the event, my sprite (made using the character generator) clips over the head of the NPC I am coming behind, instead of just overlapping behind the NPCs head. Is there a fix to this?

Hi, I cannot run the generator in linux (fedora 38). I tried to run the binary in, and, but I get as an error  "The type initializer for 'Gdip' threw an exception. [...] Unable to load shared library 'libdl' or one of its dependencies"

I installed .NET Runtime 6, and the dependencies (including libgdiplus as libgdiplus-6.1-4.fc38.x86_64 through dnf). Also, to be sure, I installed the SDK.

I installed  through dnf, but nothing, same error message. Any suggestions?


Not at my machine right now, but if you haven't figured this out yet, you probably need to copy or symlink libdl in your /usr/lib{32} folder, if I remember It needed but (on arch at least) all that was in there was, I symlinked that as in the folder and the generator works fine after.

Hello, I bought the figures here and I really like the design, but I wanted to ask where the figures can be assembled? Because they come in different parts


You can make your own characters using either the included generator, or in any image editing software like photoshop. Check out the included PDF guide for details: it explains how to use the generator and also explains the format of the files if you want to do it on your own. Thanks

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Heyo, I might using export/import settings incorrectly or maybe I don't understand it fully. To test it I put together a character, exported settings, and closed it to refresh and attempted to import those settings, but nothing seems to happen. Tried checking the readme/pdf for more help. Couldn't find anything on importing/exporting-

Anyway also want to add I love the SNES style art you do and the generator is an awesome addition to the time fantasy theme. 

Edit: thank you thank you

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As for the settings, yeah the import and export are kinda unclear-- I think that it might not overwrite the settings file correctly or something. I've manually copypasted the settings file in the folder, and edit that sheet directly, instead of usin the import/export options, and that works for me.


I'm working on a farming RPG game and I am so NOT an artist, I am a programmer. I came across your stuff yesterday, immediately joined as a patron, and then bought this set today with the sale! Your elements pack are bloody perfect for what I'm working on, and I love that you gave instructions on how to recolour the fantasy assets as well! The character generator has made my life so much easier--I'm used to having to layer the different sprites on top of each other manually. I cannot thank you enough for these assets. It means I can focus on the part of game development that I love, programming.


Thank you! I'm happy that it helps :)


This item is available for Patron+ ?

Love your work, very wonderful. May I ask how you wish to be credited? I can't seem to find the information.

Hello, I really liked the program, but it didn't work very well for RMMV.

Would it be possible to expand the char positioning configuration in relation to the flame?

It's also very useful if it's possible to separate the actions into images, for example, a charset just for walking, another just for attacking, because that's how a lot of abs work.


Olá, gostei muito do programa, mas ele não funcionou muito bem para o RMVX.

Seria possível ampliar a configuração de possicionamento do char em relação ao flame?

Também é bem últil se possivel separar as ações em imagens, por exemplo, um charset só para andando, outro só para ataque, pois é assim que muito abs funcionam.

Yeah, RPG Maker isn't designed for the full set of animations. But it can be used to make regular walking sprites and adapt the animations into an SV format. Other than that, if you want to use the full action set, it comes down to trying to work about RPG maker's own limitations. :shrug:

>Would it be possible to expand the char positioning configuration in relation to the flame?

Sorry I'm not sure what you mean by this. what flame?

whats the best way to d.m u as i wanna send u the work i did on come characters i made to have ur clearance of if i can sell them or not?


From this page:

  • Can I sell a game that I make with these?
Yes! You are welcome to use these assets in any commercial project. As long as you aren't redistributing the sprites or assets, there are no restrictions on how you use them within your game. I hope that your project is successful!

Bought this and though it is a good tool, it's been disappointing to work with.  Import/Export of settings seems to do nothing.  Editing the settings file to add more color pallets doesn't do anything, and having to constantly re-select my folders after closing every time is a hassle.

And would love to have an export option for RPGM XP as the engine I'm using has that as it's character spacing (Intersect ORPG engine if curious).

Looking forward to updates as I love the sprites, but has been a chore working with thus far.

The generator was included as a bonus to support the assets. The original intent was for the images to be compiled in an art software or in your game engine, so the generator is pure upside. We might release an update for it in the future, so the feedback's welcome, I'll pass it on to the programmer. In the meantime, you're welcome to use a different generator, I've seen some people have made their own!

Thanks! :)

Alright, I understand. Bought it thinking the generator was a bigger part and not just a bonus afterthought.

Sprites are still great tho.

Any way to import/export saved settings yet by chance?

the import/export settings buttons in the generator are a little strange-- I've found that it works better to copy and paste the settings.json file directly, and that works just fine!

Before I ask my question, I just wanted to say first and foremost - your art is great, and I have (to my knowledge) already purchased all of the assets you've listed on Steam!

So my question pertains to just that; I've been thinking of purchasing the above pack on Steam and was wondering whether or not I'd also be entitled to any additional updates that get released here..?

Let me know as time allows. Thanks!


Thank you!

The Steam version is handled through the RPGMaker people as a publisher so I don't have any control over any updates there. So for things like fixes or changes, I can't say. But for future releases to expand on this set, they'll be released as expansion packs that should work fine whether you got it on here or on steam. I hope that answers your question. Thaks :)

Yes, that answers it! (In all honesty, I was more or less asking if I'd be able to get the potential updates/changes that were released here if I could provide proof of having purchased them via Steam, but I can also understand why you may not want to do that~

One more, if I may - do you have any intentions of releasing some of your other existing asset packs on Steam? I've had my eye on that 'NPC Animations' pack for a while, but never saw it over there.

I try to keep the majority of my RPG Maker-related purchases there, so I figured I'd ask. On that note, I'll most likely be purchasing Time Elements on Steam regardless of your answer to the above... xD


Some of my releases aren't available on steam if they're also available as Patron rewards. This is because I can't access steam keys to give patrons access to them, and can connect to Patron accounts. Thanks :)

I see. No worries! I'll likely be subscribing to your Patreon in the near-future, so it won't be an issue then.

Thanks again for your time.


...aaaand subscribed. Seems as if I'll be busy downloading what's on offer, as well as digging into the archives.

Oh, and also looking forward to whatever future creations you drum up! :)

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when is your next pack coming out will it be mobs (like orcs ect) because i got a few of your packs and i cant use the character packs i payed for with this so right now there only humans so can u let us know? also can people make stuff for this ? and sell it providing they are there own work? ect

There will be monsters in a future expansion pack, yes! First up will be some tile sets, and then more character pieces, including some potential for other races (elf ear heads, etc, and orcs are possible with a green skin tone).

As for your second question, if you want to create more character pieces that work in this style and sell them that's perfectly fine with me! As long as it's your own original work and not edits or re-working what I've made myself. Thanks!

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ah ok thanks any more animations being done too? 

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To be clear, having bought resources are we OK to use in it in our own project? Any commercial limitations? I have seen others use these resources for projects, but I love them and wish to continue using them in a modified form. I don't want others using in it in their commercial projects to be an issue for me. Thank you.

Yes that is fine! Once you buy them you're welcome to use them in your own projects without restrictions.

Would it be possible to possibly make this RPG Developer Bakin friendly? Like exporting the sheets in their style?

Maybe, I'm not familiar with that engine. But you're welcome to arrange the sheets to work with it!

heyoh! hoping to buy this soon! does this have or will it ever have a dodge roll or any sort of dodge animation?

There's no dodge roll, sorry. 

Hello! I'm testing the animations with the demo character, how do you recommend to do this? Like 0.1 second for each frame? Or do you sugest a custom value for each one like .1 .3 .1 or things like this? Also, the animation is a simple loop like 0 1 2 0 1 2?

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For the speed it's up to you to decide what looks good and what is best for your gameplay. I can't imagine what those different numbers look like in my head LOL sorry; I normally do it by frames and not by seconds.
As for the loops, some animations are designed to loop, some ping-pong, and some are meant as a single sequence. I believe that it's explained in the PDF Guide (if it's not, then I overlooked it and lmk so I can add it to an update!).


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is there gonna be more animations that are including in this like
push,pull,hit,hurt/injured,magic pose (e.g) like someone channelling magic for a lighting attack and sitting ect (its fine if there in addon pack) because this set is missing some things from your over sets? E.G its a bit odd to me unless there on the way and u haven't done them yet? oh and maybe 8 directional? and also one more question will this new add-ons u do down the line be compatible with the generator? thanks for all your hard work

There will be more expansions with new character pieces, yes! but I do not plan for more directions, the animations here are designed to be versatile for many uses like the ones you describe. thanks!

Can you make the window resizable? Or add a scroll function?


You're not the first person to mention this-- I'll pass it on to the programmer. Thanks!

What's the intended animation framerate for these? I imported them into aseprite with a default 100ms per frame, but it was way too fast. 200ms seems decent, but do you have an intended framerate?

Hi does this have farming animations like chopping down a tree, watering a can, using a hoe, etc?

Can I pay you for custom assets and bases /+ animations?

What weapons are included? I see swords and bows on the screenshots, but are there any others in with it? Sorry if this is answered somewhere already!

Sword, shield, spear, bow and pickaxe, with some color variations. Future expansions will bring new weapons!

am i allowed to recolour these if i pay for it?

Yes, of course.

This is awesome! The generator is very easy to use and the artwork looks amazing.

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When using these sprites in MZ, the characters are shifted an entire tile upwards from where they are supposed to be in-game.

EDIT: Nvm, I learned how to read and used the plugin you included, now they are fixed. Thank you.

Can I use these sprites in other game engines ? I do not use RPG maker. Is this stand alone or does it need RPG maker to run?

any engine is fine, these are not limited to RPG Maker. Thanks

Thank you very much for the answer, I still have one more question if you would please. I would like to know if I need Game maker or RPG maker to run this or can i just run this on windows standalone? 

As an asset file these are mostly PNGs so you don't NEED to run anything to use them, but for the included generator it works as a standalone exe file. Thanks :)

Thank you very much, I already own most of your assets and am a big fan of them. They are just perfect for classic Snes type games and nothing really comes close to the quality you have provided. Thanks and have a nice day. 

Is there any way with the generator to just export the walking animation for example rather than the entire character sheet, im using intersect engine and it needs a 4 frame animation ? not the entire sheet

Sounds like you'll need to manually crop the image to what you need. shouldn't be too difficult because the walking animations are grouped together so you can just cut that first part away from the sheet. The included guide explains in detail how the sheet is organized, so that will help.

I noticed that the arms keep appearing behind the head in the generator when the characters walk left or right when tehy should appear in front. Maybe you could fix that sometime?

This is only true for one animation and it's a known thing. It's a downside to the complexity of the animations. You can manually clean up the arms, or you can avoid using that specific animation. It's explained in the guide, thanks 

add the face side to the generator 

talk about a big hit!

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