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What size are these icons, 16x16 or 32x32 ?

Can we sell a game that uses your assets? Thank you



Can't pay for this. :(


I like your style.


The icons were very well done, but they weren't what I expected.  I thought they'd be set up for use in RPG Maker with the same pixel scale as the tiles but the icons are made to take up the same space as the tile.  This means when you have 48x48 tiles, the icons at the same pixel scale are 48x48, not 32x32 like they'd need to be.  I get why this was done, to have the icons match in scale for all setups you'd only have a 10x10 space to work in at the original 1:1 pixel scale.  It just wasn't what I was expecting and won't be as useful to me as I thought.


Yeah RPG Maker's limitations can be really annoying. Maybe a script could increase the icon size or something, then a simple upscale could do the trick.

Do the jail cells include animated doors?

there are any growing stadiums in the pack?

idk what that is

sorry i mean could you make more growing plants? Pls ;)

Maybe! That's the kind of thing that I like to put together for patreon. :)

ah ok... i understand the system... its not a "free update"...


you could make different growing plants maybe ;) so it would be interesting for me too XD

That would be really nice