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Are those skulls(?) A4 wall tiles or something else? Thanks, looks interesting.

meant to be like a sea of skeletons, they can be used however you want.

I don't get Bonus: World Map add-on tiles

They should be in the .zip. There's two files in each of the three rpgmaker size folders, one file for each color variation. Called 'finaltower_worldmap_color.png". If you can't find them send me an email.


Your purchase form confused me and I bought it twice. My account has been deducted twice for this embarrassment. Hopefully I will get more compensation from you for this disastrous mistake from me.

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I see it. Contact itch support, they can do a refund for you.


It's quite difficult and I'm not familiar with it. could you please compensate me for this part of you instead as I can't find it anywhere on your packages that I can afford.

Bit ridiculous to ask someone else to account for your screw-up. Especially when the form is the same for everyone and it's quite literally a you issue.


The fuck are you talking about dumbass? The purchase form is the same as it is for literally everyone else on Itch. It's your own fucking fault. It's only 10 bucks anyway.


Congratulations on finishing the series! I've learned so much about pixel art from playing around with Time Fantasy assets in my own projects so it's a little sad knowing that this is the end of the line but I'm looking forward to see where Time Elements will go!


Final Fantasy VI called, it wants its tower back! In all seriousness, great job.  Cool aesthetic, I like the living computer / electronics.  I am buying this for the angel wings.  Look great!

So, could you please explain if Time Elements is also going to get its tilesets?

Yes, there will be new Elements tilesets

Great. Dare I hope new, improved versions of some of your existing tilesets will come?

I think he dropped a palette-conversion tutorial on his patreon a few months back that would help with this