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I Absolutely love this. exactly what I was looking for!

Watch this space for when I finish the game may take up to 12 months (one man Indie Dev)


This may seem like a silly question, But i just stumbled across this website. I like the art style and would like to use them in a game i'm developing, but i'm just trying to make sure if i purchase these pack do i also get the rights to use them in a commercial project as well.


Yes! Absolutely. The terms are very open.

Good luck!

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Sweet, and does that go for any of your tile packs as long as they are purchased or free to use? :) 

Same with the monster sprites?


yes, same terms for everything. Go ahead!


Thank you :) 

Can this be used in Unreal Engine?

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I'm not familiar with Unreal Engine, so it's not formatted in any specific way for it, but there's nothing in the terms that will prevent you from doing so. Go ahead. :)


is this can use in game maker studio 2