Game made in one weekend for GMTK Jam.

How to play:

  • Menu: [WASD] or [Arrows]
  • Jump: [Space] or [Enter] or (L-Click)
  • Jumping changes your direction.
  • Mow all the grass to clear each level!


Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Tagslawnmower, Pixel Art, walljump


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nice idea

Super fun arcade style game.

Nice idea for a game :)

Nice game!

Nice game....

Good game. Well polished, and would be very suitable for a mobile game due to the simple controls.

That was pretty awesome!! The second level was the hardest for me for some reason. But this was super amounts of fun and very nice polish!

Very well done!

Pretty fun, nice job! I would have stopped playing at level 6 if one of the comments on here hadn't hinted that it was the last level though..

This was a lot of fun, though the difficulty curve was very steep. If you kept adding in mechanics, in sort of a Mario style, I'd definitely play it for a while. It was also confusing that if you were going down one way, you'd go up on the other side; I can't think in two lefts and rights.

Nice game!

I don't think I would personally play this game if it was much longer. Although I enjoyed them, levels 5-6 were pushing it a bit -- they didn't offer much different from level 4.

The game is very cute and solid! I liked how trees ended up being a very useful and necessary tool. My gut said they were just gonna be obstacles and I was glad to be wrong.

Nicely done! I think the spikes can get a little warning animation before they pop out again. 

Great game! One thing you should probably remove the quit button XD

I love this.  Digging the music also.

You were so troubled with those obstacles earlier, told you it'd work out! Clever game, nice levels :D

I like the way the spikes force you to change directions!