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Hi , Thank you for proving these wonderful assets, I like them a lot :).
However, I kind of need some help here as I am using Godot and have to manually set the bitmask for autotile and I am having a problem doing so >_<.

can you help in this regard?



Change your bitmask to 3x3 minimal for these tiles. Also, you can check out Tilesetter (on steam). Tilesetter makes whole tilesets (with bitmasks) for Godot from a single tile.


Is repayment possible? I was expecting something more

Hi will i get access to this if if subscribe to your patreon? 

Cant work out if it's better to buy what i want outright or subscribe to your patreon. Thanks!


Hi there!

This pack is the same as this one?

yep  it sure is, idk how degica got the rights to sell this pack, but its the same one.

This is awesome! I used the torches in my latest game. Thanks! --


I have houses and castles ... where would I find shops ?

many thanks


I downloaded the pack and am having an issue with the doors. Does this pack include a file for doors and animated objects that work with MV or MZ? The only file I see is one that makes the doors super small. I tried resizing with photoshop, but am having a hard time getting it to be aligned. I feel like I am missing something.

Hello there. It´s been some time since i bought this, so this is the first time i´ve really tried using it. Most of it is really self explanatory, but i´ve run into some problems. I´m trying to make an outside tile set. There´s A1, A2, A5a and A5b. But is there no A3 and A4? Without walls and buildings it´s a bit difficult making something. I´m pretty sure i´m just missing something obvious, but right now i´m a bit stumped.

In this tileset does it include a fountain?

It might. I've made one before but can't remember if it's in this pack or if it was a patron release... If you need one and it's not included, send me an email and I can give you the one I have

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Quick question. I'm planning on buying your work and using it for my game. I'm a beginner artist my self but have a problem of expressing my ideas in pixel form. If I buy your assets, can I change some colors and add my own stuff? I'm working on horror/adventure type game and want to darken a bit some assets.

Also, if I’m planning on releasing the game on Steam, will it be ok with you?

P.S Like your work a lot!



Yes, that's fine! Edits are welcome and commercial use is perfectly OK.

Good luck!

Thank you!

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Hello there! I am new to 2D games and I plan on buying these assets to use them on my unity project. It should work even if they are meant for rpg maker, right?

Btw, could you please let me see a bit of the worldmap tiles? I am doing a remake of dragon quest 1 so I would like to see them ^^ thank you!


Hi- Yes, you can use them in unity. There are no engine restrictions on the version.

As for the world map, here's some examples:



I am thinking of buying your 120$ bundle, once purchased can I alter assets and make my own to match your style?  

Yes that's perfectly fine! You're welcome to edit anything as long as its for use in your own project. And if you want to make your own new stuff to match, I have some extra resources on my website to help. Thanks!

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I have the Steam versions of several packs, but am unable to comment on your DLC there, so I hope you don't mind me asking here.

Is there no 'World' water and snow tiles for inside corners? The 'B' tab has several additional items not in the 'A' tab, but those appear missing.

Edit: Also, some of the tileA2_world tiles, don't auto tile correctly. It seems that 'tileA2_world.png' and 'tileA2_outside.png' are visually identical files.

Thanks for your time.


Yeah, there's some weird stuff especially with the water autotiles because RPGMaker's tiling system is just really awkward and doesn't quite allow for all the right combinations. Some tiles are are also repeated to fill out the sheet that RPGMaker expects.

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Hi, got a question regarding the 16x16 size. I am already using a couple of your character assets for a game I am making in unity and there I am using the 300% versions of the assets (it fits all the other things best).

Question - if I get this pack (as I am looking for nic tilesets to match), will the fact that this is 16x16 make a problem? Will it make sense to simply resize them or would that lose the charm? :)

Edit: maybe I missed something from the description... are the tiles in this pack available only in 100% (16x16 tiles)? Or are there also x2 and x3 versions included (like in other packs)? Because if there is a x3 version inside, then my previous question is moot :)

Everything is designed to work together. This pack should have the same sizes as the other packs.

If for some reason it only includes the 16x16 versions, send me an email and let me know. Maybe I need to update it with the others? But they exist, so if they're missing I can get them to you.

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Hi, no, everything's fine. I was just not sure before buying as the description clearly says 16x16 and doesn't mention the other sizes. I went for it anyway though and yes, they do have x2 and x3 sizes.

One thing though... either I am blind or there are no autotiles in x2 and x3 sizes (only in the basic one)... I mean the tiles in the picture below, they are only in the base tileset in the terrain.pgn file it seems.

The 200% and 300% versions have autotiles for the RPGMaker format. The autotiles on that terrain sheet are in the Game Maker Studio 2 format. If you want to use those ones, then the easiest way would be to upscale that image instead of re-working the RPGMaker ones. My friend fmoo made some simple upscaling tools that can do that really quickly:

What is the difference between this download, and the one on your Degica shop?
It seems the degica has more in it for the same price(characters etc), but the license is restricted to rpg maker only?

The one on the Degica store has a discounted license that limits it to use in RPGMaker only. Otherwise the content is the same as the Tileset + Character packs you find here. thanks!

Thanks for the response :) 
Very beautiful work.


Would be nice if there was a guide or formatting for Godot's Autotiles.

has anyone used in game maker studio 2? will it work?


Yes, there's no reason these won't work in GMS2. 


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I love these tiles so much. But admittedly, I'm honestly a little surprised that the RPGMaker-formatted ones do not have a waterfall. I'm adding one myself by modifying the unformatted one. But I was wondering if you intended to update these with a waterfall? Thanks.

Edit: I just now realized you have a waterfall with your cloud pack, which I'll be using then.

I'm wondering: what size are the merged tilesets (in the TILESETS folder)? 24x24?


Has anyone been able to use these on Godot? The dev is giving no support and it's just a mess trying to get these to work

How do I set-up the auto-tiles for auto-tiling in Tiled?

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Do you offer guidance on how to do the bitmasks for auto-tiling? (In Godot)

Edit: I'm guessing this is it "A visual guide to show how the tiles work together"


I would like to ask if this pack contains tiles in 48x48 pixels, or only 16x16,


Hi, I was playing around with these assets (purchased on Steam) and I've noticed that there aren't any tilesets about a castle interior (like a throne and other stuff). There is a pack that contains them? Or you don't any kind of furniture package?

P.S. Sorry for some grammatical mistakes but I do not speak English as my primary language.

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Hey, i wanna ask you about your tileset pack. So, is it last update in steam version?

I would like to know, if i have a team, my assistant have to buy this if I bought this?

Not if it's all for the same project. If the license is yours though then he can't use use them on any other project but only you can.

Do you have any that are ready for use in RPG maker XP?

If not, is it possible to have what I own calibrated for XP?

They're not in the XP format by default, no. If I remember right, the only difference with XP is that there's an extra column for the idle frames-- I THINK that if you just copy the middle frames into a fourth column, they would work for XP.

I think you're referring to the spritesheets here? I'm looking for tileset help.

ahh -- IIRC the tilesets in RMXP don't have a size limit vertically, justkeep them the right width (idr exactly, but check the RTP and matc that) and you can extend them downwards infinitely...?)

Hello, I was wondering if its alright if I use these assets in engines other than RPG Maker? Like Unity or SFML

Yes, if they're bought here on then you have full access to use them in any engine

Awesome thank you!

I bought this quite a while ago but have jumped back into RPG Maker after the new release. I love all of your tilesets and have joined your Patreon!

But I have a question: the doors and such associated with this don't seem to be formatted for RPG Maker. Have I missed something, or do I need to find a way to format them myself?

They should be in RPG Maker character format. Not sure what the problem is. If you send me an email then I can take a look at any attached images.



I must have imported the wrong file or labeled it wrong or something, because I tried again today and they worked great. Thanks!

Are these tiles specifically compatible with RPG Maker MV? It says so on the other packs that they are, but I wasn't sure if this one specifically had tiles that were appropriate for the actual program itself...

Yes, everything should include files formatted for RMMV.

Are they also formatted for RPG Maker VX

why do some tiles have white around them its an issue when you place it theres just white squares around it

hey im new here and my first time  here, I want buy this pack, after i buy this the option to download will be avaliable?


Are these isometric tiles?


I'm not Finalbossblues, but they are not isometric.


Much Appreciated

Thank you for making these tile sets and offer them for a reasonable and affordable price. I decided to buy and love them! Definitely will credit you in my project!


can i edit this? like make some modifications or use it as a base? and i'll use that modified version for a game


I guess that's the idea right?

Yes that's fine!

Can you include single image files  in the download also? I use Tiled for my map editor (and TexturePacker to make atlases) and I want to use some of the tiles as sprites but I can not do that unless I have single images. Thanks.

Does the world map tiles include water? (coast tiles, river...)

Hi!I've imported the file water.png into Unity which is in the folder named "TILESETS",but after I found there are some unnecessary pixels when I use some pic for corner tile.Did I choose the correct pic for the corner tile? 

This is which I picked

This is what it shows in Unity

I got the answer! The Filter Mode should be Pointer(no filter)!

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Hi! Why is it that there is no left/right side for water-to-grass tile?

Same with grass-to-dirt and some more

Ive imported as 16x16 in unity btw

That's the RPG Maker version. The pack also includes full autotiles on a different sheet that you should use for Unity.


I've been learning how to use RPG maker MV for a while now and I'm starting to learn a pixel art in a similar way to what you do, but I was wondering does this pack fit nicely into MV or is some editing needed and if so for a lot of things or not?

I was mainly concerned about the characters would they fit and would it work with MV's side battler mode?

Thank you for your time!

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