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Hey bro, just ordered your tileset, its nice, but why is there white blocks?? 

I just have to say this. Your packs look amazing. They offer so much diversity and there's nobody out there with a similar pack that offers so much diversity, while also looking very good. Your characters look good too. Although here is the issue: i can't use them for anything really (except just civilians). No combat animations. That's my only issue with this otherwise amazing pack. I'd buy all of them, which would give me the possibility to build an amazing and diverse world, but i have nothing to  populate it with.  I can't think of a good rpg without combat. Also, we have an executioner sprite, with no execute animation. Is he supposed to just stand around and look scary? And i really thought about just building the world with your pack and get characters elsewhere, but i can't find any character packs that at least resemble your art style. Are you planning on animating characters more? and if so? when can we expect the update?

RPG-style combat animations are done! They'll be released in a few weeks!

As for other extra animations for NPCs like the executioner, good idea for a mini-expansion. Or even as some more free updated or through Patreon!

Thanks so much! I won't let you down!

Great news! I can't wait to see them in action. Be sure to include someone to be executed as well , maybe even a severed head. Would be very helpful if you're trying to go for an opressive king that publicly executes people kind of theme.

I am at the exact same boat as matei here and your response made my day. If I by your pack today will I get access to your animations on release? Or will they be sold separately and if so any hint on a price for it? I am going to by the fantasy pack either way it is simply the best thing out there and the runner ups aren't even close, but I want to know if I need to wait a few weeks for you to release the attack animations or if I get them anyways. 

Oh and to clarify, your rpg style combat animations are gonna be for your existing character / monster packs yes? 

It will be sold as a separate expansion pack. And the characters are the ones from the original character pack, yes.


Hi, i'd like to look at including your assets in a project but I need to clarify a few things. Can you please provide me with an email address - my contact is

Many thanks


You can email me on the form on my website:


Hello, I want to buy all of your work on 1 big package. Is there one you have available with a discount? I'm working on a non-existent budget.


You can find the bundle here.


thanks dude. me and a friend are using the Intersect Engine for this but have 1-2 second thoughts. you know of any other engines before we start using this one?

Not my area of expertise. Good luck!

Hi! I teach game development for some students. I really would like to teach how to make a RPG game to them. I was thinking about buy your bundle and use it to teach my students.  Usually I give the assets to them, so they can practice the lessons. Am I allowed to do that with this art? They will only use to practice. I would inform them to do not release a game without buy this art before.

If it's only for practice and they're not releasing anything, that's fine by me! Have fun and good luck!


Thanks! I will make it clear for them! And I will give your link so they can buy this art too if they want to use in their projects!


I'm new to this site. Question. If I purchase the bundle, will I be able to use this art within Game maker and sell my game? Are there any obligations? 

Yes, that is fine! You can sell anything made with my graphics.

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Awesome! Thank you. Just to be clear, your are saying this art is compatible with GameMaker, right?


The furniture like chairs or tables has diferent positions or only have 1 position?


Tables can be expanded in both directions (horizontal/vertical) and the chairs are all four: north/south/east/west.

Hi finalbossblues, could I also use this pack for making an RPG game w/ Unity? Please reply as soon as possible, thank you!

Reason why I am asking is because, I wouldn't want to buy them if the people at RPG MAKER MV have rights to it! Because I would like to use Unity to make my game! I'm not sure whether there is a conflict or not! Please reply when you can, thank you and have a great day!

Yes! If you buy the pack here on itch you can use them in unity.

Only if you buy them on the official RPGMaker site are they restricted to RPGMaker with a different license.
Thanks! Good luck!

Hey man, can you make a time fantasy pack for rpg maker mv? would definitely buy it if you did. Your style is really nice!

This works in RMMV. It should include versions for VX and MV. If it's missing send me an email. Thankx

Thank you very much for your quick reply. Sorry, I am new to game development, and I love your style. Could I possibly use this for Unity? currently using a software called Tiled, and want to use your assets for it! :) Also, will you be creating any expansion packs at all? Hopefully you will think about it! Also, how did you get started on pixel art!? It just looks neat to try and do! 


too bad there is only a paypal option was going to buy a bunch of your stuff.


I really dig your art style man :)


You have done here an amazing work, thank you.

32x32 would be nice then I don't have to do it. :D

And do you work on some expansion packs, I really like your work and I would be really happy if I could buy some more stuff. (Maybe more different trees or more objects indoor and outdoor) ;)

Some of the RPGMAKER formatted versions use 32x32 versions of the tiles. Other than that, it's pretty fast to upscale them by 200%. Just keep "nearest neighbor" checked so the pixels don't blur.
As for expansions, you can expect more soon. :~)

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This work is awesome! Congrats!

Just a note:

The file "inside_ceilingborders_updated.png" miss the autotile correction. It should be a 3x3 grid instead of the RPGMaker autotile 2x2 grid.

Hm... I made that already; maybe I forgot to update the zip. Thanks!

Hi! Do I get a notification when this package get updated?

does this pack contains side view battler and facesets?


I apologize in advance for the nooby questions; I am new to game development.
What license does this pack have?
Can I modify the contents and use them commercially after buying them?
Does this pack only work with RPGMaker or does it also work with other frameworks and engines such as Libgdx and Unity?

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What license does this pack have?

Can I modify the contents and use them commercially after buying them?

Yes, as long as it's part of a project and you're not re-selling the assets themselves.

Does this pack only work with RPGMaker or does it also work with other frameworks and engines such as Libgdx and Unity?

You can use it for anything. It's just the graphic files. Depending on your engine you might need to re-organize some of them, but you can use them in anything.

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Thank you very much for the reply.

I like your art so I am planning to buy the tileset pack, the characters sprite pack and the monster asset pack.

If you don't mind a suggestion, maybe in the future you could put these three packs into one and sell it for a slightly lower price or give a discount to those willing to buy all three packs as I am sure that will encourage a lot of people to do so including me and some friends.

Just to clarify one point in the license; I am not allowed to use the packs in more than one project/product. If I would like to do that, I need to buy the packs again, is that right?

There's a big bundle planned for the future, but it will also include upcoming packs that haven't been released yet. :)

I am not allowed to use the packs in more than one project/product. If I would like to do that, I need to buy the packs again, is that right?

If you use my graphics for multiple small projects nobody's gonna bother you. From my perspective that mostly applies if you have multiple high-profile products and in that case the price is inconsequential. So unless you're a big studio that's planning to get multiple frontpage games with these, don't worry about it. :P

Do you plan to work on item-icons
such like different types of weapons, potions, herps, keys, etc?
(And sorry for this may bad english)

thanks for the suggestion. Good idea for a small pack thanks. :)

no problem

I'm not sure why, but alot of these look similar to stardew valley sprites

I think the stardew valley guy made his own sprites. Would be cool to see my stuff in a popular game like that though! :)

i know they're not the same, the just remind me of them.

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