UPDATE: Improved and Expanded House Tiles

MAJOR UPDATE: New house tiles! 

- This update improves the houses and buildings that can be made with the Time Fantasy graphics. 
- In addition to being visually updated, they are vastly more flexible, allowing for a wider variety of houses to be crafted out of these tiles, including multiple stories and mix-and-match roof shapes.
- There are three new object-layer tilesets: updated house bases, ruined house bases, and improved rooftops.
- The rooftops come in 6 different colors.

Also: Most of the tilesets have been re-organized to include some extra tiles and small improvements. This includes the updated autotiles from the previous update, which were originally included as a separate sheet, but have now been incorporated into the main tilesets.

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I just noticed the tileC_inside.png is in the vx ace folder but not in the RMMV folder.

Thanks! I'll take a look.

Hello! Will this update also come to steam or is it only for those that buy it here?

Should eventually come to the Steam and RPGmaker releases-- the RPGmaker publishers schedule that one but they have the update! Thanks!