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The year is 2XX8 AD... Mankind has spread across the universe. Space colonies orbit the sun. Meteors are being mined for precious minerals. The galaxy has been conquered.... or has it? The next generation of warfare is:


This pack includes four mech robot characters. Each mech has the following sprites:

  • Standing
  • Standing with Folded Wing Attachment
  • Flying, Wings Open (Non-Animated)
  • Flying, Wings Open (Animated Jet Engine Fire)

In addition to the mech robots, the pack also includes a sheet of fighter ships. There are 4 ship designs:

  • Jet fighter
  • Bomber
  • Alien Fighter
  • Alien Bomber
  • Each design comes with two color variations for a total of 8 ships on the sheet.

Also included is an additional sheet with "shots" projectiles designed to work with the fighter ships: 

  • Lasers and bullets in various combinations and colors


This pack can be used as a standalone or as an expansion to the Time Fantasy style. As such, it comes in two different color variations: 

  • The first is the "full color", which is the normal version best for general use. It doesn't use a specific overall color palette.
  • The "limited color" version matches the muted colors of the Time/Future Fantasy assets. The sprites in this set will match visually with all of my graphics in the TF style.


This pack includes versions of these sprites formatted for:

  • 100% size for general use
  • RPGMaker VX/Ace (200%) 
  • RPGMaker MV/MZ (300%)
  • The frame size for the mech robots is 80x80. 
  • The frame size for the fighters and projectiles is 32x32.

Check out my website at timefantasy.net for updates and freebies.

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Why is this unavailable? 

It's a patron pack! You'll get a special download link if you sign up on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/finalbossblues


Awesome! The Time Fantasy series needs more love.


This is a nice surprise!  Thank you so much!

Nice! More sci fi stuff is always appreciated!