Added Sample Sheets

Thank you for the positive reception so far! I've worked hard on this pack and I'm happy with the response. I've already begun work on the first expansion set! :)

Anyways, this update is simple: I've attached some sample files (in the download demo section). Not an update to the pack itself-- but these demo files should be helpful.

The purpose of these samples are so you can test the character in context, to check that the size and style are right for your project. It is a single character with only the basic walking animations.

Thank you!


Sample Character - 300% (RPG Maker MZ) 8 kB
Oct 04, 2022
Sample Character - 100% (16x16 Tilebase) 5 kB
Oct 04, 2022
Sample Character - 300% (RPG Maker VX) 7 kB
Oct 04, 2022

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