Alignment Plugin Update


I've just updated the pack with a fixed version of the "ElementsFix" Plugin for RPGMaker MV and MZ.

The purpose of this plugin is to fix the alignment for Elements-characters which have extra space around (used for four-directional animations). There was an oversight with the previous version of the alignment plugin where the depth-order did not update properly.

The new version of the plugin fixes that oversight. I have tested it with both RPGMaker MV and MZ, and it worked for both.

So you don't need to re-download the entire pack, I've added the plugin itself as a standalone download (in the download demo section).

Thanks very much to hikitsune_red for not only creating the plugin and this fix, but for allowing me to include it for free. 

Plugin credit: @hikitsune_red


RMMV/MZ Alignment Fix Plugin (zip) 1 kB
Oct 26, 2022

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Hi there!

I was just curious, so I opened the plugin and saw a thing that may be improved, mostly for RM MZ users that now can use the tile size changes.

The default code is like that:

If that 48 is relative to the Tile size, on the parts I made a red draw, the 48 can be replaced with $gameMap.tileHeight() (It will also work for MV)

Otherwise, can reconsider what I said.

Love your content! :D


Thanks! Good to know with the new tile size features!

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That is an excellent observation, and one you may have to test for me (I am only in possession of MV not MZ). Allow me to explain:

That bit of code is to alter the Side-View Battler placement for Time Elements characters (the code that alters the Map Scene sprites is further down and does utilize $gameMap.tileHeight()). That being saidI don't actually know if changing the game's tile size also changes the Battler placement. If it does, let me know, as I'll have to make that a parameter users can input in the plug-in menu, as I don't believe the Battle Scene can access $gameMap (but, if it can, then I will certainly add it in).


Hi there!

Oh no, I thought it was something related to the tile size. If it is not then you can forget what I said. 

As far as I know, the Battler sprites are not using the tile size for their position or anything else.