Generator Update

The first CHARACTER EXPANSION PACK will be released tomorrow here on itch!

The expansion will include an updated version of the Elements Character Generator (2.1). Therefore, I've updated the Character Core Set to include the new generator and replaced the old one.

Please note that the updated generator is not a huge change-- there are some minor additions based on user feedback. Again I want to reiterate that the generator was always intended to be a special bonus to make working with the assets easier. The primary focus of this asset pack is on the assets themselves. 

That said, please let me know if you find any significant bugs or errors when using the generator.

Here's what's been changed:


Updated since the previous release:

  • Added save/load characters
  • New default skin tones added
  • Generally runs much faster!
  • Linux and OSX versions added
  • Quick fix for low resolution users: you can now manually change the scale by editing the "Window Scale" value in the Settings.json file


The new primary download for this pack is: which includes the updated character generator.

Thank you! 

And look forward to the expansion pack!

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OSX crashes at launch for the generator