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I bought these sprites and think they are awesome! I use unity and just set the slicing up to automatically. Yeah some sprites I cant find a proper size for slicing. So the automatic thing in unity works just fine:) 

I use them in a turn based rpg game and they fit perfectly:)

I don't know about other game engines but in unity they work great. 

Thank you for making these!

Are these only for use in RPG Maker or can I use them in GameMaker Studio 2 if I'm planning to release a free to play on Steam eventually

Game Maker Studio is fine, there are no engine restrictions on the version. Thanks!

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these are absolutely ridiculous. If you want to use ANY of it in a game engine other than rpgmaker(which is garbage) you've got to manually cut up and resize all the sprites. Everything is off by 1 or 2 pixels. This is the same with every sprite set by fbb. I own nearly every TF asset, and they all have design flaws and weird pixels. The tilesets are just as broken in most cases. there are bad copy/pastes, where a whole row of pixels is off, which breaks the whole set, because each tile relies on another if you want to have a nice map. Dont get me wrong i LOVE the artwork itself, but everything needs some serious fixing. I just dont understand why a sprite cant have perfect dimensions like 32x32 or 48x48, or 32x64 for double tall etc. these particular sprites are somewhere in the neighborhood of 52x73 (in the tf_monsters 2x) but that changes depending on the sprites frame. sometimes a 53x72 fits better etc... In what god forsaken world is 52x73 a normal sprite size? i wont even comment on the ghosts.... I have a grid set to 32x32, and you can see for yourself how far off they are from being  appropriately spaced. I'm currently working on a very large project for a company using these assets, and i've never had a larger headache in my life. I keep seeing all these comments about how great they are, and I cant help but think they are just not actually using them, or lying. You want these assets to be truly compatible with nearly every engine? reach out to me, and we can work out a deal to resize everything properly. I understand that you make a lot of money on kiddies who dont know any better and think rpg maker is the best thing since sliced bread, but these assets have so much potential, its a shame to see it wasted on bad games because they only play well with rpg maker.

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I mean, you have a point, but also you can just count the number of sprites (not blank spaces) for H&W and then use those counts to divide the image resolution H&W i.e. Monster Sheets 1 & 2 have frame sizes of 60x64, The Lich, Golem and Dark Knight have frames of 47x50. If you're using unity this change isn't hard to adjust to and you don't have to go into photoshop and slice out all the frames one by one. Honestly a Universal Pack wouldn't be a bad idea to accommodate Unreal, Unity, Godot and Game Maker. I would also love for OP to make an ARPG character pack with some basic walk and melee attacks. (Also this is the game I am currently working on, using Unity.) 

Where are the single frame battlers? Did I miss something?

someone else made them

Fantastic tileset. I HIGHLY recommend buying the fantasy bundle. Everything is logically laid out, unlike many other tilesets that I've used in the past. Great work!

So I love your graphics and I'm buying them as I go to put into the game. I was wondering if its possible to get the animations in all directions? Even if its just the emotes. I'm looking at trying to do it myself. I just don't want to screw it up too bad.

Is there monster battlers in this pack?

Can't stress enough how much I like your art style
Come check out what I'm making with it :D

I'm still missing larger boss-like characters, are you working on any?


these come in 32x32?

Can these work for MV?

Yes, it should include the MV versions. If not, send me an email and I'll take a look.

Is it commercially viable for my game?

Yes, you can use these assets in a commercial game project.

I love the horse! But the color of a horse ridden by a character is fixed, which is a little pity.

I have bought this pack a year ago and recently I have started developing something with RPGMaker MV. Can I use the assets in multiple RPGMaker projects?

Yes, absolutely. Good luck!

Do the heroes have walking and attack animations?

The heroes have 4-directional walking animations. For attack animations, they have side-view RPG style animations for turn-based combat in this expansion pack:

Does this work for 2D Sidescroll Sandbox?

Hi, i'd like to look at including your assets in a project but I need to clarify a few things. Can you please provide me with an email address - my contact is

Many thanks


You can email me on the form on my website:


What size are all of your tile sets? 24x24?


Do these have atack animations in all 4 directions? And an animated gif of one of them atacking would be nice

These have walking animations in all directions but not attacks.

Hey, there is a chance that you will cut this spritesheets to frames, like in packs from Characters Sprites?

Awesome sprites by the way ;).

Hey there. I'm a card game developer looking to make a game with, like, printed cards and actual physical objects, using pixelly art for a nice retro aesthetic. The licensing agreement here you've linked _seems_ to suggest that both may be okay (as using the sprites as static art is derivative work) and may NOT be okay (as it would be extracting the sprites to a different media form).

You got any sayso on this?

Sounds cool! Go for it!


Quick question, three actually

1) is everything animated? (horses, monsters, characters). And if so, are they animated in the four directions?

2) what is the license on the images?

3) can we modify and tweak if we like? for example color pallette shifts, add/removing parts, etc


1. Yes
3. Yes

Awesome cheers mate

This looks amazing! How large are the "oversized" monsters? Are they big enough to look decent in a 32x32 tiled world?


This might help you gauge the size:

Human, regular-sized monster and an oversized "boss" monster. 100% size on a 16x16 grid.