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Hello! I bought this asset pack and I really like the animals. I can't really use them with their shadows on though. Would you consider uploading a version of them without the shadow? Right now I will have to go through each frame and remove it myself. :/

i've bought these and  some other packs, where i can find information about what i can do with these license?


Love your work! I'm using quite a few of them (animals, fantasy icons, beast tribe, portraits, Atlantis, Christmas, plus others from your patreon) in my game, Brookhaven.

Do you have any packs with a wolf in the 3 frame style.

There's a wolf in the Monsters expansion, but note that it's not a regular wolf, he's a stylized wolf monster.

Any way I could get the palette you use?


Do these animals have an attack animation?  and if not do you take commissions on select animals for that? Thank you for your time.

This pack only has the basic walking animations. I normally am open to commissions but it looks like I'll be busy for the foreseeable future. But you can email me any time thanks

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Yes, I bet!  I am leading the Pixel Game Maker MV community - - and also have a little going on with Degica.  I have seen your art work quite a bit from those companies and they have advertised it some.  You're fairly famous and some people in my community are using your assets to make games, a few are pretty nice.

I will shoot you an e-mail at some point, I have some nice ideas you'd be a great fit for.  Thanks for your time.


Something about this art style makes me want to go "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY"

Hi! Are the sprites animated too?

If I buy the asset pack, will I be allowed to make modified versions of the assets for a game?

Yes! Have fun!

hi, is that somewhere a complet list with all the animals in that pack ?

Just out of curiosity, have you considered making a second animal sprite pack? I love these animals, I can't be the only one with who would love an even larger variety!

what is the license for this asset?


Is this 32x32?? NO 16X16!!! Tell me plz i need 32x32 


The original is based on a 16x16 grid, but this also includes the 32x32 version.


OK so i download the file after payed and i find 16x16 and 32x32. But i use stencyl so i find the PNG o other files? 

Does this work for 2D Sandbox Sidescroll? (Platformer game) not RPG. 

Maybe! They would probably work with some styles of platformer but not others-- it depends on the perspective and type of graphics you are using.

You can see the side-view versions in the images-- I would suggest that you compare those to your style and see if they fit.


The same question! Will this work in RPG Maker 2003?? Thanks!

Yes but you will need to re-arrange the graphics a bit. The sizes are correct, the sets just aren't formatted for it.

I hate to ask this but do you have any dead animals? Ghost critters and skeleton animals that roam the night I noticed no one has that makes me question that make your pack way cooler or complete.

I have a similar thought, but not quite the same. I was wondering if you could make sprites of them "downed" on the ground.

Your website doesn't work. :(

Just temporary domain problem, you can still get there at

Do you have each frame in its own image file?