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Time Fantasy: Animals 2

This sprite pack include over 60 new sprites in the classic pixel-art style of Time Fantasy

Take your RPG world to exotic locations with animals from all over the world. Fill your oceans with aquatic life, and fill your skies with birds of paradise. This expansion pack is loaded with everything from tiny creatures-- bugs, crabs and lizards-- to massive behemoths-- buffalo, hippos, and elephants-- and everything in between!

  • 60+ animal character sprites!
  • Exotic themes: animals from the jungle, savannah, desert, arctic, and more
  • Full four-direction walk animations for each sprite
  • Designed to match the style of Time Fantasy and the TF Animals Sprite pack
  • Bonus perched pose for the birds, so they can land and take off!
  • Includes sheets formatted for use in RPGMaker VX, MV, and MZ

These assets are made to fit with the other Time Fantasy asset packs:

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Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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is there a Caribou?

Hi, could I use the animals also for 16 x 16 Tile set?

Or for which tile set sizes were the animals made?

5 stars rating I leave for now :-)

Yes, they're designed to be used with a 16x16 base tileset. Thanks

Deleted 1 year ago

There's a child base available on my patreon. Thanks!

How much steering moves? Four directions?


Yes, all four directions, with a three-frame walking animation.

Hi - sorry - what is the license on this pack? I want to use to use for a tiny game and some promotion.


It's the same as my patreon releases, and fairly open. I'll paste this from my patreon page:

What are the terms of use for graphics downloaded from patreon?

Here are the important points regarding terms of use for the assets I release here:

  • Can I use these graphics in commercial projects?
Yes, royalty-free.
  • Can I edit these graphics?
Yes, for use in your own projects.
  • Can I share or redistribute these graphics?
  • Are there any limitations or restrictions on what engine I can use?
No restrictions.
  • Do I need to credit you in my game?
No. You don't need to credit me, but please don't attribute my art to someone else.
  • I'm working on a team project...
Only one person on the team needs to have bought the assets legitimately (via patreon, asset packs, etc). Other members on the team can use them freely on the buyer's license-- but only within the scope of a project that the original buyer is actively working on.

Excellent - much appreciated!



How size are the sprites?

So much animals ! Great job, mate :)