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Build your own characters! The TIME ELEMENTS series is all about modular pieces: so you can customize your own RPG sprites. Swap outfits, hairstyles, armor, weapons, and more. The characters are fully animated: take your gameplay to the next level with four-directional action combat! And all with a high-quality pixel art style like the your favorite RPG classics. 

The first Time Elements Character Expansion pack has over 50 new modular pieces, so you can create more characters than you will need to fill an entire game world!


  • Fully compatible with the pieces from the Elements Character Core Set
  • Over 50 unique pieces that can create hundreds of characters
  • Animations in all four directions: walk, attack, crouch, jump, and others
  • Build your own sprites with the updated Character Generator!
  • Includes 5 premade heroes and premade cultist NPC sprites in multiple colors
  • Includes extras from the original release, including the 27-page PDF guide, so you can start here without needing the core set.

Video Tutorial for the Character Generator:

More of the Time Elements asset series:

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Note: For sample files, demos, and a FAQ-- check out the page for the Core Set.

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Get this asset pack and 3 more for $60.00 USD
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Does anyone if we can use this to make our own dwarves similar to the ones from the dwarves vs elves pack?

Unfortunately, at least using the default generator, that won't work because the way the modular pieces are put together: all of the characters are the same height. However, you're welcome to manually edit them to create whatever you need, you might be able to make shorter characters by changing layer positions in an image editor like photoshop. Thanks!

New asset pack looks great! Can't wait to pick it up. Looking forward to other packs (personally would love a sci-fi/future).


The generator is a very cool pro consumer move, thank you!

Thank you so much for making a new character generator, I'd love to see more of what you'll offer soon. (I kinda wish this was an add-on to the original character generator, it would make more sense but still, amazing sprites as always!)


From my understanding all you have to do is copy the resources over from one to the other.