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Could i please see all the monsters that are in here by chance? i bought a lot of your packs already i wanna see more of whats in here

Does this come with the 3x size assets for MV?  I have one already that only has 1x and 2x and they are both too small for what I need in MV.

Send me an email and I can give you the MV versions if you're missing them, thanks

Hi I just starting game development on UE5, and planing to make a mobile game, if i bought this asset pack and use it in my game can I then publish the game without issues in intellectual property or copy rights claims from you?

Note: I will of-course give you all the credit for the art and animation 

Yes that's fine. good luck on your project!


Hey, I bought this but I don't see the single-frame battlers for the monsters.


There should be a folder that holds a bunch of single frame images- they look like the side view of the regular sprites but are formatted as a single file for convenience— let me know if that folder is missing and I can send it to you.


I don't see it...I have the folders named 1x, 2x, and RPGMAKERMV, and the ReadMe.txt. That's all.

Can i modify them, and using for my commercial game project?

Hi, since I want to create an action-RPG in Zelda style, I want to ask you if the monster sprites are animated, and have attack animations.. In any case, your works are amazing!

No attack animations for most of these, just regular 4-dir walking sprites. Thanks

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Hi, I am developing a little game on RPG Maker MV. I bought Monster Time Fantasy pack, Animals Sprite pack and the tileset pack. How can I create some characters?

Not sure how to answer your question, it's a little vague. What do you mean by creating characters?


Sorry for my vague question. I mean, on RPG Maker i can create characters according to my needs, changing hair, clothes, faces, etc.
Unfortunately, RPG Maker's charachters don't really fit in with your graphic style. How can I create my personal characters for RPG Maker in your style?
How can I customize them?


My assets don't use the same style as rpgmaker's default graphics. If you want to make your own characters in my style, I provide the character bases and color palettes on my website, and some pixel art tutorials to get started. good luck!

Oh ok! Thanks!


Hey, I use your Sprites in a Project, This video is OLD but it shows the Monsters and Mechanics. The current Version is way more better. See your sprites in Action (:

If you want to make Business with me contact me

I have bought these assets from you here on

Can you use these assets in any engine for commercial purposes? I have never downloaded anything from RPGMaker.

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I am not allowed to redistribute his assets. That would be against the terms of service, but there is a button for cases like yours in which they'll send you the purchase link to the email you used to register your account.

Yes, any engine is fine!

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I hope you might release Vol.2+ of these, as they complement your tiles well. And Tyler's Battlers are just a bit too 'off' in comparison.


Really love the variety of Orcs. If you could focus on some mini-packs, with a similar format for other monsters, I think they would do well here.

Does it contain sideview battlers of the heroes and monsters for rpg maker?

Not in this set, but you can find the SV battlers for the hero characters in this expansion:


Hi @Finalbossblues,

Wanted to mention that we purchased and used your asset pack  and use some of your characters as bosses for our game, Modite Adventure.

Here's a trailer.

I'm prepping the repo now and you're going to be credited in the md/ section.

Looks great. I thought these packs didn't have 4-way attack animations? Did you add them yourselves?

Hi @TenToes,

You're correct. These monsters don't have attack animations, so we improvised by using some of the animations in creative ways.   

Here's an update I put on my personal (trash) youtube channel back in September 2020, that shows some more gameplay. 

Cool. I might get this pack and tweak it for my game (which is not nearly as complete as yours :P)


The background tilemaps were what sold me on the pack, and the monsters/wizards were icing on the cake.

The sprites are really geared towards RPG style game, which didn't match our vision. None the less, it was a pleasure working with it.

Hey, i've seen your assets, and I have to say, they are gorgeous! So , i would like to know if you're interested in a co-op bundle, I'm assembling a bundle with my game and  another RPG asset, and I think you would make a great fit !


The description says that there is an attack image.

Are you cheating?

I bought an attack image because I needed it.
Ask for a refund!!!!


No, the description does not say that. It seems like English might not be your first language, so sorry that you got confused.

I have a question but if I buy a sprite or tileset to use in my video game I have no copyright problems how it works sorry for my ignorance but I would like to make a video game and for this I have not found anything

Yes, that's what they are for. Go ahead and use them without worries. The only thing that you can't do is directly redistribute, but if you'e using them for a game project that's fine,. Good luck with your project :)

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All monsters have full four-direction walking animations and single-frame battlers, perfect for side-view battles

Clearly, this is the explanation.
But there is no image of attack.

Please provide an attack image or refund it.


This set doesn't include attack animations, but walking animations for four directions. The style is more based on the classic JRPG style of monsters for combat. thanks

Are these, ready to use in the rpg maker MV? I mean, on Rpg maker mv spritesheets. Anyway, really a beautiful work.

Amazing we use it for an chess Game on Smart TV               



These are all really cool!

Looks nice. Will use them one day maybe. Bought them but see no textual directions. Would be good to know whats what on each sheets.


I bought these sprites and think they are awesome! I use unity and just set the slicing up to automatically. Yeah some sprites I cant find a proper size for slicing. So the automatic thing in unity works just fine:) 

I use them in a turn based rpg game and they fit perfectly:)

I don't know about other game engines but in unity they work great. 

Thank you for making these!

Are these only for use in RPG Maker or can I use them in GameMaker Studio 2 if I'm planning to release a free to play on Steam eventually

Game Maker Studio is fine, there are no engine restrictions on the version. Thanks!

Where are the single frame battlers? Did I miss something?


someone else made them


Fantastic tileset. I HIGHLY recommend buying the fantasy bundle. Everything is logically laid out, unlike many other tilesets that I've used in the past. Great work!

So I love your graphics and I'm buying them as I go to put into the game. I was wondering if its possible to get the animations in all directions? Even if its just the emotes. I'm looking at trying to do it myself. I just don't want to screw it up too bad.

Is there monster battlers in this pack?

Can't stress enough how much I like your art style
Come check out what I'm making with it :D

I'm still missing larger boss-like characters, are you working on any?


these come in 32x32?

Can these work for MV?

Yes, it should include the MV versions. If not, send me an email and I'll take a look.

Is it commercially viable for my game?

Yes, you can use these assets in a commercial game project.

I love the horse! But the color of a horse ridden by a character is fixed, which is a little pity.

I have bought this pack a year ago and recently I have started developing something with RPGMaker MV. Can I use the assets in multiple RPGMaker projects?

Yes, absolutely. Good luck!

Do the heroes have walking and attack animations?

The heroes have 4-directional walking animations. For attack animations, they have side-view RPG style animations for turn-based combat in this expansion pack:

Does this work for 2D Sidescroll Sandbox?

Hi, i'd like to look at including your assets in a project but I need to clarify a few things. Can you please provide me with an email address - my contact is

Many thanks


You can email me on the form on my website:


What size are all of your tile sets? 24x24?


Do these have atack animations in all 4 directions? And an animated gif of one of them atacking would be nice

These have walking animations in all directions but not attacks.

Hey, there is a chance that you will cut this spritesheets to frames, like in packs from Characters Sprites?

Awesome sprites by the way ;).

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