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Does the Future Fantasy collection fit with, broadly speaking, the Modern City set? I want some more futuristic interiors for some buildings and this seems ideal but I can't quite tell whether it'll stand out too much. 

I'm not sure which set you mean. This Future Fantasy pack includes tiles for a modern city. Thanks!

Sorry, when I said Modern City, I meant your Omega Modern tileset.

Omega Modern is the same size, so it would be semi-compatible. The color is a different style though. Most objects from Omega Modern would fit fine if you edit the colors to match.


This set is really awesome! I'd love to see more "Future Fantasy" themed packs for sale by you, especially more sci-fi characters, such as "Star Trek"-ish jumpsuit-wearing starship crew, space marines, or spacesuit-wearing astronauts or miners (think The Expanse, Alien, 2001, etc.).

Alternately or additionally, I would buy a "Post-Apocalypse Fantasy" (whether Mad Max or The Road in style) or even a "Dystopian Fantasy" (Logan's Run or 1984) pack in a heartbeat!

+1 for that suggestion. 


After purchasing, can I use your assets in a commercial project?

Yes :)

I already owned most of the Time Fantasy sets thanks to your previous bundle, and really love the style, but I wanted something sci-fi and/or modern day... just bought this and it's awesome! However, I was quite disappointed to see that there is no "bathroom stuff" at all in this set; there are always going to be bits and pieces someone wants that isn't included, but  a toilet, bath, shower (and maybe washer/dryer) are essential to a modern-day set IMO since you won't ever find those in fantasy tilesets. Any chance of these important objects ever being added to Future Fantasy (or as part of another TF pack), since I know you update your tilesets from time to time?

Maybe! There's bathroom stuff in Omega Modern which would probably fit OK with these if you matched the colors. Thanks!

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Hey I loved the style of your Time Fantasy series but was interested in working on a sci fi game. I immediately pulled the trigger on this as soon as I saw it! The style is awesome and thanks for putting this out. I was wondering if you you plan to extend this pack to cover more environmental or character assets?

Thanks and keep doing what you're doing, your work is awesome!

Hi, I've bought quite a few sets, because I love your work. If I create a web based game, can I use them in the game? I ask because sometimes with web games it's possible for folks to try to download and rip the assets, so I want to make sure it's ok to use these in a web-based game?

go ahead! Just try to encrypt the GDP if you can thanks!

Thanks! I'll do what I can. 


great work! i love the new set.