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Expand your world with this collection of new fantasy races! This pack include 45 new character sprites in the Time Fantasy style. More than that-- five of the characters are special "heroes" and include additional emotion animations and side-view battler sheets!

This pack is a collection five fantasy races based on animals. The five tribes are:

  • Wolf Men (Kobolds)
  • Cat Men
  • Lizard Men
  • Bird Men
  • Fish Men

Each tribe has a set with 8 regular character sprites, including children. Perfect for creating unique villages for each race! 

In addition, each tribe has one special hero character. The hero characters also have additional animations for emotions, and a sheet with side-view RPG-style battle animations.

This pack includes versions of these sprites formatted for use in RPGMaker VX/Ace and RPGMaker MV, as well as sprite sheets in a regular 100% size.

These assets are made to fit with the other Time Fantasy asset packs:

This release is only possible because of generous patrons.

Check out my website at timefantasy.net for updates and freebies.


Get this asset pack and 15 more for $100.00 USD
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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

beast_tribes.zip 825 kB


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do you have any centaur-like characters in your asset packs? the lead of my game is an insectoid man with a -taur build so i was curious if there was anything in this style i could purchase to edit him from

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Hi finalbossblues,

I Love your art! however I'm using a different type of character  (64x32 spirit using StellaCharacterGenerator) ,  and art style (FSM art style),  there for I want to ask (sorry for too many questions): 

1. Are this 'animation pack' and your other packs "animated-npc-sprites-pack"  and "side-view-animated" include the animation them-self  without the characters ( so i can just resize the animation and use it for my own characters)  or they only come with the characters using them already? if not here maybe on your patron?

2. Do you have any packs here or  for patrons with 4 direction animation frames for combat? 

3. I sew the option to submit requests as a patron , I always wanted yo become one but the art style i'm using are different (fsm), my question is: as a patron/ or if i pay you commission,  could you change  the pixel style of your exiting art (not asking to create new once)  to the one i use? of course i will send you a  picture/video with my art/characters style.

(I just feel i'm missing a big amount of amazing art and I wish could work with my project art style). 

Hello, is there any way to split the sprites to have separate sprites for head and body?

If you want to do that you would have to edit them manually. They weren't designed to work that way on their own. Thanks

Are there 4 directional attack animations? i see it has some attack animations and would love to use this tile set.

Just the side dirctions, designed for use in SNES-style turn-based RPG combat. Thanks!