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Time Fantasy Mini Sprites

NOTE:  This pack is intended to be an expansion for use with the existing Time Fantasy sprites. The characters in this pack are directly based on the characters from the other packs in the series. Seemed like the easiest way to share these was to turn this into a free download that's available for everybody. This kind of release would not be possible without the support and suggestions from patrons.

I hope that you get a lot of use out of these sprites!

Time Fantasy character sprites -- but smaller! 

These miniature versions are designed to fit into a single tile-space: perfect for use on the world map, or as tactics units, or even as icons. This collection includes MORE THAN 120 character sprites. Each sprite is designed to correspond with a full-size sprite from a Time Fantasy asset pack. Miniature versions of characters from the Time Fantasy base pack, Time Fantasy: Monsters expansion, and the Future Fantasy pack

Expand your gameplay possibilities with this FREE BONUS EXPANSION: designed specifically for TIME FANTASY!


  • 120+ characters from multiple Time Fantasy packs: Time Fantasy, TF: Monsters, and Future Fantasy
  • Full four-direction walk animations for each sprite.
  • Each frame fits into a single 16x16 tile space.
  • Mini sprites perfect for use on the world map!
  • Small sprites can also be used as tactics units or as menu icons!

Includes 100% regular size, and also sheets formatted for use in RPGMakerVX and RPGMaker MV/MZ.

These assets are made to fit with the other Time Fantasy asset packs:

Check out my website at timefantasy.net for updates and freebies.


To help fund more releases like this one, check out my Patreon page: (there's a lot more graphics to download there too!)

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Will you be expanding this for stuff like elves? Would help out a great deal

License to use?

The same as all of my other stuff. No significant restrictions, no credit necessary, just don't redistribute directly. thanks!

Nice, 3 stars.

Thank you for this i'm making a rpg maker vx ace game (more to learn game designing/game making) but i really wanted the game to look more retro, the game is not commercial use and i will credit you proper! i'm probably going to use this with yours open rpg fantasy tileset (with some changes to fit better) hope you don't mind that since i don't have any/bought any of your other time fantasy pack stuff.

Thats OK, good luck with your project! Thank you :)

These look amazing! I'd like to use them, but I have a licensing question.

I don't have the base Time Fantasy pack or any related packs. In a comment on the Time Fantasy characters pack, you state that commercial use of the assets is fine. Does that apply to this pack as well, and/or do I need to purchase the base pack to receive commercial use licensing? I just wanna be thorough, and make sure I'm not using anything I'm not allowed to use.

Thank you very much for your time!

Yes, that's perfectly fine! They're designed for users of the regular TF sets, but if you have a use for them, go ahead! Good luck with your project :)

Thank you very much! It's appreciated!


Amazing!!! Love you so much <3


Sweet! I was actually thinking something like this would be amazing! I was using the bonus characters sheet, and it had two different versions a smaller one for Ace i think, and then the normal MV version and i decided the smaller one would be perfect for the World map!


These are just great, thanks for sharing!


So cute!